Android N: Features, Speculations and more!

Google I/O is an annual Developer Conference held by Google. Its quite an exclusive event on the android calendar. The Google I/O 2016 is scheduled to start on May 18, 2016 to May 20,2016 at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. If you can then you must attend this event. The most anticipated preview of this event is of Android N.

At last year’s Google I/O conference, they have confirmed that the annual developer previews of every major Android release will be presented at each year’s developer conference. And as promised, this year they are going to show us preview of Android N or Android 7 followed by monthly updates until its full and final release in September last or early October. The Android release date will be May 18, 2016, preview will be shown off during Sundar Pichai’s(CEO, Google)  keynote lecture on day one of the conference.

This Android 7 release will be coincide with the launch of next-gen Nexus release. This Android 7 release will be limited to Nexus devices first, however, it will soon be spread over on other devices as well.

Android N features

#Multi-Window mode

Multi-window mode

Multi-window is one of the most useful and awesome features for an android device. Using this feature, you can run multiple applications at once on your android device. Currently this feature is available for limited devices, mostly, Samsung. Unlike Samsung’s Multi-window mode, Android’s Multi-window mode works for all Android apps. Of course, regarding, Android M, it was later discovered that Android M includes developer’s preview code, hidden deep within the code.

People have to tinker with their phone, if they want to enable this mode on their device(Android M or Android 6.0 Marshmallow). Its won’t be easy to do so, but people who can play with their phone can manage to do so. Here, with Android N, this mode will more polished.

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#Better Tablet Support

Better tablet support

The Android N tablet will include features like Multi-tasking, a real push for tablet-optimized apps, customizable nav buttons, DPI switcher, stock floating mini-apps and tablet-specific System UI Tuner features. We all have experienced that Android always had some edge to it in respect to tablets. From the Motorola Xoom running Honeycomb to the Nexus 9 and now the Pixel C, Google has experimented with Android on tablets with mixed success. But Google has promised better software for Tablets.

#Shifting to OpenJDK from Java API

android oracle (1)Google has taken a step away for Oracle’s proprietary JAVA APIs and shifted towards OpenJDK JAVA APIs. There was so much speculations about this move and now, Google has confirmed.

“As an open-source platform, Android is built upon the collaboration of the open-source community. In our upcoming release of Android, we plan to move Android’s Java language libraries to an OpenJDK-based approach, creating a common code base for developers to build apps and services. Google has long worked with and contributed to the OpenJDK community, and we look forward to making even more contributions to the OpenJDK project in the future.” – Google spokesperson

From a user’s perspective, they won’t feel the change, its the developer, who have likely to adapt to new standard. It seems like this switch has occurred due to some legal usses between Google and Oracle.

Apart from above mentioned features, which were confirmed by Google, there are also some rumored features which are expected in Android N. Like, Stock Stylus Support, Samsung has hinted a Stock stylus Support in Android N. It might be possible as Samsung is selling much more Android handsets then any other, so adding a particular feature for Samsung only, is worth a shot, I guess.  Next is the ChromeOS Integration, there have been reports saying that Android and Chrome are going to merge last year, but to what extent, atleast, we will see some implementation of Chrome OS and Android compatibility in Android N. There is also a rumor that Google is going to introduce an all new Messaging App in Android N. The new messaging app will be based on Rich Communications Services(RCS) platform, which also allow you video chat, file sharing and instant messaging rather just simple texting.

There are also some some expectations from this Android update. The following expected features are:

  • Improved SmartLock for Passwords

Android Marshmallow has SmartLock for Passwords feature, which is quite an amazing tool, I can say. The problem is that it has not been supported by many apps until now. However, we are now expecting that Android N will see a lot more apps supporting this feature.

  • Dark Theme Returns

The Dark theme was introduced in Android Marshmallow previews but later this feature was vanished from the final release, but this theme was deeply praised by lot so it might be possible that this will again appeared on Android N.

  • MOAR battery optimization

In android devices, battery saving is a very important aspect which is considered on Android’s previous releases as well. Just like Lollipop introduced a stock Battery Saver Mode and Marshmallow introduced Doze Mode and App Standby, Android N will also have some battery optimization tool.

Android N could Ditch the App Drawer

Google is reportedly planning to remove App drawer from Android N. Android Authority has now received word from two separate sources that pre-release Android N builds currently do not include an app drawer. If Google decide at the last time, if they want to include App drawer into its developer preview in Google I/O 2016, they will do so. Otherwise they are going to release it the other way around and eliminate App drawer from its upcoming Android N.

android 7.0 name

Name for Android N

If we see Android’s previous release, we come to realize that Android is a huge fan of sweets, or else they must are forbidden to have any sweets before and they are missing sweets! Whatever their reason is, Android has named all its releases after sweets like lollipop, kitkat, marshmallow etc. It won’t be much of a surprise if they name this release as ‘Nutella’, but, we are still waiting for an official name for Android N.

There will be much more news, rumors or speculations, as there is still time in its developer release in Google I.O 2016. Lets wait and watch!

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