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Android Malware Returned?

Are you an Android user? Have you ever downloaded the mobile app in Google Play App Store? Do you know what is Android Malware?

android malware

The Android Malware name Android.Reputation.1 Trojan had been detected on 2014 and removed by Google. This trojan ow has back to Google Play recently according to the search from Symantec. They had changed the publisher and change the app’s name resurface to Google Play again. It’s not clear how the app able to approve and uploaded in the Google Play store, but Google has seen taken them down. 

The Malicious app embeds some code in the background of the Android app. This app brings the traffic to the website without permission of the users. Some of the apps, without the consent of users, seem to download payload and open ads. It brings all the users to their website by visiting Google Ads. This believes that this might be the way they earn the big amount money from Google Ads.

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