10 Best Free Word Games For Android You Should Play

Do you like gaming? Well we do! In this post, we going to list the best free word games for Android which are available at Play Store. It does not matter whether you are a highly dedicated fan of RPG or you are much into action games, word games are always fun to play. They don’t require too much attention on your end yet they are challenging enough to keep you away from boredom.

Even, we do like action and arcade most of the time, but when it comes to some silent brain fusing gems, these word games are ideal. The word games like crossword puzzle are comparatively light-weight, so you can easily keep most of them or liked ones. Let’s just get into the list!”

Best Free Word Games For Android

10. 4 Pics 1 Word

If you are brand new into these whole Android word games, it might be a good idea to start off with some easy stuff, just like “4 Pics 1 Word”. In this game, the game play provides 4 pictures and asks to figure out the similarity they have. Below the pictures set, there are some jumbled letters. Arrange them into something that might relate to the things in common those pictures share.

This word game is completely free to download. If there is a drawback,it might be that it lacks of any social integration. In fact, it doesn’t even have any multiplayer mode.

Google Play: 4 Pics 1 Word

9. Words With Friends

You might not be aware of it but Words with Friends is developed by one of the top names in the industry, Newtoy. The company is now acquired and merged with Zynga and currently known with its new name Zynga with Friends. In terms of the gameplay, it is almost identical to Scrabble. You take turn with your opponents, trying to arrange the letters you have in stock to make out some words that give you the highest score.

You are allowed to play 20 games simultaneously and it notify when there is a particular game that requires your attention. The only thing that may put you off is that it requires you to log into your Facebook account.

Google Play: Words with Friends

Must see:

8. Scrabble

Face it. The list will not be complete without world’s most famous word game, Scrabble. And speaking of the devil, Electronic Arts has made some pretty good port for Android fans. Scrabble can be downloaded at Play Store for the cost of nothing. Once settled, you can hop in by challenging your friends or families or even some random strangers on Facebook (yeah, you have to connect your FB account).

This app allows you to participate in 50 different games all in once. Also, you can forget fighting with your opponent, questioning whether a word really exists or not. This game is complemented with huge SCRABBLE Wordlist. If you’re looking for a little extra help generating valid Scrabble words with your letters, don’t be afraid to check out a tool to unscramble words. These tools are easy to use and free! You can just type in the letters in your Scrabble hand and then let the site generate a bunch of valid Scrabble words that can score you extra points on your next game. 

Google Play: Scrabble

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7. Letter Rip

If you don’t like being rushed by a ticking timer or sort of thing, you have a good chance to love Letter Rip. Unlike other word games for Android, this one allows you to play it to your heart’s content and set your own pace.

Heck, you can even forget the rules that require you to make words from traditional orientation (left to right or top to bottom). So long as the letters are close to each other, you can connect them altogether to form a word. Sounds good, right?

Google Play: Letter Rip

6. Word Search

This game should be familiar to you if you were once like me, an EFL (English as a foreign language) learner. You get a large grid of letters to start with and when you feel you’re ready, you can begin scanning the grid to look for words. When you got one, all you have to do is just  draw a line through it. It’s very simple indeed. Perhaps, too simple because there is not much of customization provided. An option to turn the grid to a darker color scheme would be nice.

Google Play: Word Search

5. 7 Little Words

Developed by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd., 7 Little Words is an Android word game that is pretty minimalist but highly addictive. In this game, you have to solve crossword style slues using 20 letter groups , using including 2 or 3 letters each.

The lite version of this game doesn’t cost anything from your end, so you’d better give it a shot before you do the upgrade.

Google Play: 7 Little Words

4. Dropwords

Previously named as Word Drop, the game is now popular with the name of Dropwords. To start with, you get a wide grid of letters from which you can form your words. Unlike Letter Rip, this one does care about direction. You will have to form your words from left to right or top to bottom. Once you make your first word, the letters will disappear, allowing new letters to drop from the top of the screen.

Pretty much like Bejeweled. Scores are accumulated and compiled through the Papaya Mobile social gaming network, so you can compete with friends online.

Google Play: Dropwords

3. Word Weasel

In this particular word game for Android, you’re not going to be involved in one-on-one word finding game or something like that. Instead, you’re going to challenge yourself against a dozen or more opponents in one game. How does it sound to you? In Word Weasel, you’re required to discover as many words as you can in one minute. Your score is calculated based on the words you have found and when the timer hit the marks, the screen will show you all scores of the participants and rank them from high to low.

Don’t worry about not having any worthy opponents. This game is so famous that you’ll have a hard time finding a moment where this game actually runs out of players.

Google Play: Word Weasel

2. Wordfreud FREE

For short description about this game, I think it’s safe to say that Wordfreud FREE is the best alternative for Scrabble on Android. Heck, it was even published far before EA made the port for Scrabble. Although the idea might not be very original, there are still many things to love about it. This is especially if youre type of person who values simplicity and starightforwardness more than anything else.

Google Play: Wordfreud FREE

1. WordzUp!

WordzUp!Once you fire off the app and tap on the play button, the first thing you’ll see is a rotatable grid of letters from which you have to create as many words as you can muster. It’s fitted for both beginners and advanced word experts as players are allowed to alter the time they take to play the game. Each time you finish the game, your score is saved, making it easier to you to track down your achievement.

You need to slide your finger quickly across the gameboard to make the words and as the clock ticks down, accuracy is the order of the day. WordzUp! has been a while residing at the Play Store, but if you’re tired of Scrabble and other similar games, this one could be a good twist.

Download link: WordzUp!

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  1. I can add to this list: wordil – simple word game for android. you get word with missing letters and have to find the whole word.

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