What are the chances of getting a weapon case in CSGO?

A few years ago Counter Strike: Global Offensive became free to play. And there were reasons for this – the main one is that monetization from the opening of cases has reached a new level. Players, driven by their excitement, are more and more eager to win a cool skin from a case. And the “sauce” of the fact that this can be done for free for your achievements only fuels the hype. But how much it is actually free and how exactly you can open cases – let’s find out below.

What is a CSGO case?

This is an object, in other words, a box, the release of which was timed to coincide with some game combat operation or event from the CS world. Inside this box are skins – these are 3D models of one or another weapon: a pistol, rifle, knife, etc. All skins have their own rarity and value. You need to know that they do not provide a combat advantage in the game, but they are the ones that add atmosphere to the process and therefore are in such crazy demand.

When you open a case, you don’t know which skin you will get. There are dozens of them inside, and there are items for a few cents, and there are for thousands of dollars. Naturally, there are more cheap items inside, and much less expensive ones. By random, a kind of lottery, you get your winning, how valuable it will be – depends on luck.

How to get a CS:GO case?

For this, a special in-game drop system was developed. After completing a matchmaking or other battle in competitive mode, each player has a chance to receive a prize. This prize can be either the skin itself – usually cheap, or a sticker or the case itself.

For example, you may even get a very cool case – Shattered Web (  It is relatively new, released just over 2 years ago in honor of the one-shift operation.  The dark spider emblem can be seen on the outside of the box.  Inside are almost 2 dozen new colorful items such as SSG 08 |  Bloodshot, PP-Bizon |  Embargo and P2000 |  obsidian.  But knives deserve special attention, this case has as many as 4 new models!  But you need to understand that getting exactly their chance is quite low.

What are the drop chances?

The chances of getting a case at the end of an official match are relatively high, but that an expensive item will fall out of it is already much lower. For example, the drop rate for rare skins – “Ancient” – 0.63%, “Legendary” – 3.1%. In most cases, players receive weapons from the “Common” or “Uncommon” category. But in any case, you should not despair – there are no unnecessary skins. Even if you don’t like an item, you can always:

a) sell it;

b) exchange with another player;

c) be used for an Upgrader or a Contract on third party sites (like

Is it true that the case can be obtained completely free of charge?

Therein lies the rub. Get a case for free – yes, but open it – no. To open the CSGO case, you need a key, but it is not included in the kit. It needs to be bought separately and as a rule it costs several orders of magnitude more than the declared cost of the case itself. After buying the key, you can finally move on to the most intriguing moment – the opening. The roulette wheel starts spinning.. a couple more moments and you already have a new skin! The authors had a good idea, and most importantly, a working one, because thousands of cases are opened daily. But the fact is that even a free case that has suffered through long hours in the game is not so free, but rather serves as a bait, because having received part of the prize, you are unlikely to regret giving a few more dollars for the key.

Well, like everything in the world, the chance of a successful case opening is relative. If you do not go into mathematics and probability theory – about 50/50. It all depends on your mood. If you open cases for pleasure, and not for the sake of making money, you just want to get pleasant emotions from winning, then you are guaranteed to be satisfied with any outcome. You just need to remember – that this is only a game, albeit an extremely exciting one. We wish you good luck and as many cool skins as possible!

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