An a to Z of Roulette Terminology

Roulette has become a top favourite for casino goers over the many centuries since its birth.

Now, thanks to the advancements in technology and the digital world we live in, accessing a game of Roulette has never been easier. With this, new players have been introduced to the iconic wheel, either in person or virtually.

With more and more players lining up to spin the iconic wheel of chance, those that are new to the game, as well as some existing ones, may not fully understand some of the words and phrases they hear and see when they play Roulette online or in person.

To help diffuse any confusion, and to get you sounding like a pro with the proper Roulette lingo, here’s a quick A to Z guide of some of the Roulette terminology you might come across when spinning the wheel.

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American Roulette

A version of Roulette that’s most commonly found on the physical casino floors in North, Central and South America. This version contains 38 numbers – 1 – 16, as well as a single zero and a double zero.

Bet on the layout

This refers to a wager placed anywhere on the numbers portion of the Roulette table layout.

Column Bet

A bet that can be wagered within a game of Roulette, by placing a wager on 12 numbers with just one betting chip.


Also known as the dealer. This is a casino employee who oversees the gameplay at the table, takes players’ bets and gets the wheel spinning.

When playing a computer-generated version of Roulette online, the computer will act as the dealer/croupier.

Double Zero

Only to be found in the American variant of Roulette. The double zero can be found both on the wheel within a green pocket marked 00, and on the Roulette table, at the top of the number layout.

European Roulette

This Roulette variant is most commonly found in European and Asian casinos. It was created by two brothers, Francois and Louis Blanc, who decided to remove the double zero from gameplay and reduce the house edge, to attract players from their rivals into their casino. The European version contains numbers 1 – 36, plus one zero – the single zero. No double zero is featured on this variant.

Inside Bets

Any bets placed within the numbered section of the table layout, where players can place bets on individual and grouped numbers, is also known as an inside bet.

Outside Bets

Any bet placed on the outer section of the Roulette table layout is also known as an outside bet. Bets such as Red / Black, Odd / Even and Low / High are classed as outside bets.


The specific Roulette variant you’re playing will determine how many zeros you see in play. The European variant has a single zero, whereas the American features a single zero and a double zero.

Now you have a better understanding of some of the words and phrases used within Roulette, will you be using any the next time you visit the table?

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