Top 5 Best Android Games to play on a first date

One of the most popular leisure activities of the early 21st century is gaming. Another is online dating. If you’re a fan of the former, but also drawn to the latter, here’s why joining a dating site will be ideal. Your first port of call could be a review site that will point you towards suggested digital outlets. After registering, you’ll be able to contact like-minded individuals.

To have the best chance of connecting with a man who is sharing your love of video games would be to point out it as a hobby in your profile and after the successful match can home in on a man you’re attracted to, flirting and exchanging direct messages. You might suggest Android games to play when you eventually meet for your first date. Here are five of the best.

Stardew Valley

An excellent way to get your date night off to an entertaining start is to become farmers. Partly inspired by Harvest Moon, the farm simulation game developed by Nintendo, you create characters who inherit a house and some land from their grandfather. It will resonate with many of us today, especially during these difficult times of lockdown: the core story is of office workers who have grown disillusioned by the screen-dominated treadmill, and are intrigued to find out what a simpler life in the country would be like. As well as a range of activities, you can interact with authentic characters, and there’s also a relationship dynamic.

Clash Royale

The premise is pretty straightforward. You build towers. Then you try and smash as many of these towers up as you can. The ultimate objective is to destroy the King’s Tower, as this will result in instant victory. It has developed a passionate fanbase, who like to think that this is a modern take on the centuries-old game of Chess. It also includes cartoon-level violence, and there’s also a chat function if you want to make it more of a social occasion. Just make sure you don’t fall out when one player succeeds in smashing up the King’s Tower.

80 Days

The story of Phileas Fogg, who accepted a bet about circumnavigating the planet in 80 days, was the subject of Around The World in Eighty Days by the French fantasy novelist Jules Verne. This game is equally enthralling, as you and your significant other follow in the footsteps of the intrepid adventurer.

There are many exotic far-flung locations to explore, and exciting capers to get involved in. Aside from the thrills and spills, there’s a lot more to this game. Planning your ambitious journey requires you to consider your strategy. What is the fastest route? What will the obstacles be? How will you overcome these? However your globetrotting mission unfolds, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Sky: Children of the Light

This game is more of an escapist fantasy than 80 Days, but you’ll find it every bit as captivating. The premise here is that you have arrived in a fantastical realm known as Sky, as the ‘children of the light,’ tasked to spread hope through a kingdom that has been desolated.

As well as embarking on this high-spirited mission, you can encounter various interesting characters along the way, socializing with them. Rightly described as ground-breaking by critics and players alike, this will bring you closer together as you bring joy to a barren wasteland.


The concept behind this massively popular game is straightforward enough. Players create and break up building blocks in a three-dimensional world. As you are constructing these objects, you need to source building materials, and well as food. But there’s a lot more to it than that, as you get to interact with random creatures, and mobs of marauding blocks. Minecraft can quickly become addictive – which makes it ideal for your first date.

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