50 Best Android apps of 2016 that you should try

So, today we are sharing some amazing gems from the world of Android. Android has gained much attention and customers in these past few years. Now a days, we have apps for every task we can think of. There are →productivity apps, →security apps, →medical apps, fitness apps and many more that helps to keep our daily work more fun and with low efforts. In this post we’ll share about 50 best Android apps that will help you to carry out most of the tasks more conveniently and in less time.

In 2016, Android has gained its fair share of popularity due to faster adoption as per customer’s changing requirements. We thought that you all readers might be interested in knowing about some of the most helpful and best Android apps of year 2016 you can use to manage your day-to-day requirements like time-table management, staying close to your friends and relatives and much more you all must know about.

Since Android operating system is completely open source, it helps individuals to build something very useful and creative and showcase them under Google Playstore. If we search, we could find lots of Android applications those help to carry out most of our daily tasks even in more simple way and could save time and effort. In this round of best Android application, have gathered such apps and we hope that they would help our readers.

Let’s begin our list then. Shall we? Here, we have compiled a list of best 50 android apps of 2016, you must try. And don’t forget to share your favorite ones with us, we would love to hear from you!

Best 50 Android Apps of 2016 you should try!

1) ZenUI Launcher

ZenUI LauncherZenUI Launcher is one of the best and widely used launcher application today. The launcher application makes our Android smartphone much more intuitive and stylish. You can customize your smartphone with few simple swipes and it is good to go.

You can create your very own personalized workspace.


2) GO launcher

GO launcherGo Launcher is another launcher application for Android. GO launcher helps you in personalizing your smartphone’s home screen. It has a very intuitive design with amazing features which enhances the performance of your device.

However, I must inform you that it’s a bit slower than its competitors, but it also has its fare share of features as well, like beautiful widgets, open gesture apps and much more.


3) Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

Magnifying Glass + FlashlightMagnifying Glass+Flashlight is a very simple and easy to use android application. This app is for those people who have eyesight issues and are unable to read small text, for example, a restaurant’s Menu card.

This app can help you in reading that text with its auto-focus, zoom in/zoom out feature.


4) Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile AssistantDragon Mobile Assistant is an intelligent assistant for you which can be activated as per your voice command. You can send and receive SMSs, schedule appointments, set reminders and search on the internet as well without even raising your finger.

You can create your own voice print to make it authentic, and you can also create a name for your assistant as well.


5) Hotstar TV , Movies and Sports App

Hotstar TVHotstar app for android is one of the best and widely used application for watching the latest movies, serials, sports videos and more on your Android device, free of charge.

Hotstar app offers us lots of stuff for entertainment and choose from a wide of sections to find what interests you.


6) Flud

Flud best android appFlud is a simple torrent application for android. You can directly download your files directly on your android device. Flud as an elegant interface with direct link magnet support. With its features like RSS automatic downloading, selectable priority for files, and Wi-Fi only downloading, it is one of the best torrent application available for Android.

It is a free app with ads, but, you can upgrade it to its premium version any time for ad-free experience.

7) Netflix

Netflix android appNetflix is a subscription service for watching latest movies, TV series on your Android device. If you are not a member of Netflix yet, then you just sign-up and create an account and you will get a free 1 month subscription.

As soon as you sign-up on Netflix, you can watch thousands of movies, TV series and much more.


8) Hermit

Hermit Android AppHermit is resource-saver application for Android. We all want to save battery usage and various other resource of our device, but there are many unused application that runs on our device in background, eating-up our phone’s resources.

Hermit lets you create a lite alternatives applications for your resource-greedy applications hermit also have a library that offers alternatives for the most widely used applications like Facebook, whatsapp etc, and for remaining apps, you can create your very own lite app.

9) BackDrop

BackDropBackDrop is a wallpaper application. For Android, there are always those images copied from Google, but, backdrops is different. It offers is hundreds of original hand-crafted wallpapers designed by BackDrops team.

You can also upload your designed wallpapers as well. And ‘the cherry on the top‘, the list gets updated on daily basis.


10) Native ClipBoard

Native Clipboard Android ApplicationNative clipboard helps you copy and paste faster when you double-tap on any text space, a window will pop-up with a list of suitable words, and you are not just limited to paste one word at a time, you can choose a whole sentence as well.

You can also create a new word for later and also delete any unwanted words as well.


11) Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer Android File ManagerSolid Explorer File Manager is the most intuitive file manager available today. It is a fully featured file manager with material design. You can manage files on almost every location. It helps you well organize your data and it also acts as a Cloud storage Manager as well.

It also offers you various customization options such as themes. This app is available free for a 14-day trial period.


12) Writer Plus(Easy Writer)

Writer Plus (Easy Writer)Writer Plus is a light-weight writing application you can use to note down anything you like, either some small text or a novel, anything you want.

It helps you to jot down quick notes as it might come handy when you just get a thought about something interesting, you can easily write it down using this highly intuitive app.


13) Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager for Android OSDashlane Password Manager is the perfect password manager for your Android device. It keeps track of your passwords and protects them from any unwanted threat. With its auto-login feature, you will  never need to type any password again.

It imports all your passwords from chrome and you can also create new password from right within the browser.


14) Micopi

Micopi PicoAre you also bored of your boring contact list, and if except some contacts, there’s no profile picture of your stored contacts? Then it is the app for you. Micopi allows you to assign unique geometric image to each of your contact.

It uses exclusive contact data to set any image for an individual contact.


15) Doze

Doze battery saver for AndroidDoze is the perfect Android app to save battery life of your precious smartphone. It prevents your apps from sending or receiving any data while your phone’s screen is off that can save up lot of battery for any of your important task.

As soon as you turn on your screen, all your apps will work normally.


16) Custom Quick Settings

Custom Quick SettingsIs your phone’s default quick settings is not enough for you? You can opt for Custom Quick Settings. It enables you to add app links, web links and custom toggles to your quick settings without root on Android 6.0(root is required  on Android 5.0& 5.1).

You can add custom tiles and icons, but you won’t be able to change the default ones. Just Play around!


17) Mathway

Mathway - Math Problem SolverMathway is a learning app for Android. If you want some assistance with maths, it can be a simple math problem, hard-core algebra, trigonometry or anything else related to maths, Mathway can solve it for you. It can be of great help when you need guidance in maths.

It is a very simple to use application, all you need to do is choose the subject and that’s it!


18) TexPand

Texpand - Text ExpanderTexPand is a great Keyboard extension basically helps you save time by assigning shortcuts to your frequently used texts. You can use  dynamic value to insert date or time in your text.

For example, if you type ‘Date2day’, current date will appear in proper date format. With its simple UI and intuitive design, it lets you add or mange your phrases with ease.


19) Audify Notification Reader

Audify Notification ReaderAudify Notification Reader speaks out your notification through speaker/headset/connected device with ease. You get to mute notification from annoying apps and can opt to receive notification you like or want at that time.

It also intelligently avoids redundant notifications and saves you from any discomfort.


20) Roundme

Roundme for androidRoundme application for Android is world’s most hassle-free 360 degree panorama publishing and virtual tour authoring platform. Roundme is a simple and beautiful app that allows you to create and share a set of panoramic images connected through portals.

You get to upload those images and can also add content through Hotspot.


21) Khan Academy

Khan AcademyKhan Academy is another learning app for Android. You can learn anything, maths, science, history, finance and much more, through its in-depth guides and thousands of tutorial videos.

You can also use this app while you are offline, and can also start from where you had left as its syncs your data to your Android device.


22) ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder App for AndroidAs the name implies, ADV Screen recorder is a screen recording app that lets you record your device’s screen and also offers you lots of customization options as well.

You can use both front and back camera of your phone while using this app.

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23) Gallery Doctor

Gallery Doctor - Photo CleanerI am sure that many of you have redundant or unwanted images stored in your Android devices, but you don’t have the time to check and delete all those images. Don’t worry people! You have got a Doctor in here, Gallery doctor.

It basically cleans any duplicate image or bad images(blurry, dark, bad quality) from your device and frees up lots of space for the good ones.


24) Portal

Portal - WiFi File TransfersPortal makes it easier to send files from your computer to your android phone. From your computer, you need to go to: Portal.Pushbullet.com and using your phone, you just scan the QR code on the website.

From there, you can connect and drag and drop any files using that website and get them over to your phone.


25) Groupon

Groupon - Shop Deals and CouponsGroupon Android app helps to get most fascinating and discounted deals on the go. Whether you’re planning to chill in a bar, looking for a restaurant or want to buy some clothes for your dear ones, this single help you in all way.

Groupon offers you mouth-watering deals and if you like saving, then Groupon can be the app for you.


26) HERE Maps

HERE Maps - Offline Navigation for AndroidHERE Maps is an offline map navigation app. You can download map of a whole country and can use it offline for navigation purpose. It is a completely free application, but you have register once and can use it anytime, anywhere. HERE maps provides you turn by turn voice guidance from wherever you are.

It can be very useful if you are traveler as it can save you lots of MBs.


27) Zedge

Zedge Free download on AndroidZedge application offers you free ringtones, wallpaper, and notification sounds. Each wallpaper or a ringtone suggested by this application will be perfectly compatible with your Android device, and can also save your personal favorites which can be accessible from any device via Facebook.

It has been very popular app since it has been launched. I remember when were using basic phones and used to downloads ringtones and wallpapers from their website. I hope you would do that too.

28) Strava

Strava Running and Cycling GPSStrava is a GPS cycling and running application for android. It lets you keep track of your running and and riding through GPS. If you are a runner or a cyclist, you can track all data like distance covered, pace and every minor detail. You can also compare your efforts from your past efforts and can also compete with other athletes as well.

Strava lets you share your highlights of your activity through pictures and any location sharing. You can also follow your friends and their activities.

29) Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner - PDF Scanner AppTiny Scanner is a PDF Scanner app for your Android smartphone. Imagine when you are on your way or somewhere you don’t have access to a scanner and you have to send some important documents to your office. At this time, Tiny Scanner can be very useful.

All you need to do is tae a snap, crop it and select a PDF page size, then hit OK. TinyScanner creates a totally legit black and white copy of your document. With its automatic filters and editing tools, your image will look like a decent copy of your document.

30) Team Viewer

Team Viewer for an AndroidTeam Viewer is a terrific Android app that provides you remote access to your PC or desktop via your Android smartphone. You can also provide support to your clients and can call a meeting on the go with your colleagues. It makes you feel like you are literally sitting in front of that computer. Teamviewer supports Windows, MAC and Limux operating system.

For using Teamviewer, first you need to create an account from your computer and then with a teamviewer ID and password, you can have access to that computer from anywhere you are through your Smartphone.

31) Todoist

TodoistThere are plenty of task achieving apps out there, but Todoist is just the best. Its simple and intuitive interface with its colorful themes and subfolders, you can actually achieve your goals if you’re using this app. You can sync your lists on multiple devices, that makes it accessible from anywhere, even when you are offline.

You can do so much with this app like you can organize your to-do list for a day, a week, or a month, can sub-task, sub-project and color-code your projects, you can also share your projects, and add comments from all within the app itself.

32) Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise CalendarSunrise Calendar is another application to maintain your schedule and to get on the top of your huge list of meetings. With Sunrise Calendar, it gets easy to get all your to-do task at the tips of fingers at all the times. Google had bought Sunrise Calendar to improvise performance of its productivity suit.

It perfectly syncs with your Google Calendar, Exchange, Facebook and iCloud to bring impressive selection of ways to manage your agenda.

33) Idealo Prize Comparison

Idealo Prize ComparisonIdealo is a price comparison application available at different online outlets like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Jabong and many other online shopping portals as well. You can enter the product name via this application and it will you corresponding offers available on different websites. You can also scan the barcode of product and search your product with it as well.

There is a wide range of filters available to give to complete assistance and if you wish can also opt for notification alerts when corresponding price of a product reaches your targeted price.

34) Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting InputSome handset we use have comparatively smaller screen with even smaller keypad which makes it difficult to properly type at a decent pace. This app is actually much more useful those users. Google Handwriting Input lets you enter any text by simply drawing your text using your finger or stylus, and your text will be inserted. Amazing! Right?

You can also install this application in your elder’s phone as sometimes they are unable to use keypad.


MSQRDMSQRD or we can also call it Masquerade is a unique selfie app you can have fun with. And if you are a fun person then you will surely like it too. You can record video selfie animations and change the way you look in a very fun way.

It’s a great way to present very funny and entertaining videos of yours to your friends and family and make them happy. You could use this app to wish your dear ones in very funny way.

36) CM Security

CM Security AppLock AntiVirusCM Security Applock Antivirus is a security application. It is an award-winning app and is currently world’s leading privacy protection app. Its Applock features protects your important apps from intruders or naughty kids. It also has antivirus protection that detects and removes virus, and spywares.

It also protects your private data using Privacy Cleaner like clearing browsing history, online transaction details and much more.

37) Series Guide

SeriesGuideNow a days, we all prefer to watch our favorite TV series and movies via online streaming whenever we get the time. SeriesGuide helps you to keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies. SeriesGuide suggests trending shows and movies which is also based on your history.

With its visual Indicators, you can easily spot any unseen part in a TV series or a movie you might be interested in. All in all in never let you miss anything you like!


38) Discord

DiscordWith Discord, we have brought a treat for our dear gamers. Discord is one of a kind voice and text chat, designed specifically for gamers. It is a cross-platform application, you can use it both on your Android smartphone and computer.

It is a simple and secure application to use, you don’t even have enter your mobile number while installing and its encrypted server to client communication keeps your IP address safe. you can easily share videos, pictures, and links and stay connected to your friends all the time.

39) Draw your Game

Draw Your GameWant to make your own Video Game? I hope you want as we have got just the app for you, ‘Draw your Game‘.

First, you need to draw your imaginary game onto a piece of paper(Draw using 4 colors: Black, Blue, Green, and Red) , click a snap through this app, choose a character you can control, share it through this app with its other users and VOLLA! You got yourself a game you created.

40) DevLearn

devLearn on AndroidDo you want to learn Programming or to want teach your kids. DevLearn is a simple and quite an intuitive application which makes learning a fun task. You can learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Happy Programming!

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41) RetroArch

RetroArchDo you love classic video games, but unable to play the same on your new age smartphone. But Don’t worry! RetroArch resolves this issue for you. It lets you play any of your favorite game without any concern regarding emulator. You don’t have to install a different Emulator every time you want to play a new game.

Just get it installed and get started playing all games that used to play in childhood.

Also you would be surprised to know that we can most of Sony’s PSP games on our Android devices too. Get’em here:

42) Cram

Cram - Reduce PicturesCram is an image compressor app for your smartphone. We all face memory issues with your smartphone, and we all apply each and every possible method to save even tiniest of space on our device.

Cram compresses images stored on your smartphone and saves up lots of space without disrupting quality of your images.


43) Pikture

Piktures - Beautiful GalleryPikture is a beautiful image gallery manager app for android. It is the first gesture-based gallery app to manage your photo album of photos and videos.

The most interesting thing I like about this app is Calendar View, here you can see your photos and videos marked on the date the corresponding event had occurred. Not Boring at all!


44) Omni Swipe

Omni Swipe - Small and QuickOmni Swipe is a simple, convenient, easily accessible, and highly intuitive app for Android users. You can get shortcut of your favorite apps from any of the bottom corners of your Smartphone.

It only appears when you want it, otherwise it will stay hidden. When you want to use it, you just have to swipe it.


45) Afterlight

AfterlightAfterlight is an advance photo editing tool. Using its 75 unique filters, natural textures, and 128 frames, you can give beautiful look to your images with simple to use tools.

Though we have many popular apps such as Adobe photo editing app for Android phones, still Afterlight has its own place in the lineup. It comes with over 15 tools to give unique touch to photos and present them in best manner.


46) Uncloud

Unclouded - Cloud ManagerUncloud is a cloud manager app. This app helps you manage your multiple cloud storage account with all the data stored in it. It can be used to explore, manage and clean your device and cloud storage. Using this app, you get to manage a maximum of two of your cloud storage account.

However, you can upgrade to its premium version, so that you can manage your multiple cloud accounts with this app.

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47) Chromer

ChromerChromer is a fresh and useful application Chromer lets you use Custom tab rather then opening full chrome browser. It is a quick, secure and non-intrusive app. It facilitates faster user experience. It actually gives every app its own internal browser.

It simply enhance the use of Google’s Chrome web browser. You should give a try to this Android app if you use google chrome too frequently.


48) Macrodroid

MacroDroid - Device AutomationMacrodroid is a strong and intuitive task automation and configuration app that enables you to perform different actions. You can create a condition which will be called as macros.

For example, you can set a macro, like, when battery gets lower than 20% then it should automatically minimize brightness, close any app running in background. From there on, whenever this condition arises, this app will apply corresponding action.

49) Bestme Selfie Camera

BestMe Selfie CameraBestme Selfie Camera is one of the most widely used Selfie app for Android. Using its latest filters, you can give pretty amazing touch to your images and then flaunt it with attitude!

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50) Wattpad

Free Books and Stories - WattpadWattpad is a free book and story reading app. You can get any book as per your taste. It has a huge collection of various popular authors. It will offer you recommendations as per your previous searches.

You can save any book or story you like to your library as well and can pick up from wherever you left while reading.

So it ends our list of best apps for Android phone and I hope that these would come handy to our readers. Don’t forget to share your favorite ones with us.

We would love to hear from you! Stay connected for more useful stuff.

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