Radio: The old new friend

Over the last couple of years, online entertainment has moved from downloading music and movies to streaming services. Gone are the days were people would download programs like Ares or LimeWire, search for torrents or any available content that can only be downloaded. Services like Netflix and Spotify have changed the game: Streaming is the future.

Streaming media has gained popularity over the years not only through movies and music. Many popular forms of entertainment have made use of the service. Books, radio, podcasts, even television has recurred to the easiness of online access, ensuring that end-users gain quick and easy access to their products.

Radio Player by Audials

Audials is one of the companies using this trend in a clever way to  let customers get the most out of streaming by recording the streams. By definition, streaming refers to content that is consumed over the Internet, usually through a personal computer.

Nevertheless, by developing the Audials Radio Android app, the company looks to give access to its users to radios all over the world; as well as downloading and recording MP3 music files. Think of it as Spotify for Radio stations. You select your favorite artist and immediately, the app points out all radio stations – beginning with the most popular radios – that cater to your musical tastes.

The app not only restricts itself to national radio. As stated on its development page, you can access national, international, and even local Internet radio stations. This last one is especially interesting as it features people streaming their music of choice – most of it a very eclectic variety of pieces – as well as podcasts and other forms of media content.

Naturally, this has led not only to freelance disc jockeys to find a means of exposing themselves but has also allowed major radio companies to present their content to a wider audience. Audials allows its users to access all this new information without having to access their PCs.

By downloading the app on your Android phone the user may instantly begin surfing through radio stations from Northern Alaska to the Seychelles.

Usually, these types of apps allow you to find your musical tastes across radios from different countries. But the real gain from apps like Audials Radio is that it allows you to discover new pieces of music that you have never heard of before. Think about Netlflix’s algorithm that suggests movies and series based on what you have watched and rated.

The same thing occurs when you use Audials; the app recognizes your favorite artists, suggests radio stations that are known to play tracks from said artists, and then push you to discover music that you have never heard of before.

It’s one thing to open Spotify and listen to the music you love; it’s another thing to open the free Audials Radio app and listen to the radio that you love. Music changes through the years but radio remains. It has evolved into a more user friendly and accessible medium; yet still offering the chance to reach out to a new generation.

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