5 Best iOS Reader-Friendly Apps for Book Lovers

Technology has changed the way we enjoy reading. With the powerful combination of mobile devices and apps designed for avid readers, we have access to a large number of titles while we are on the go. There are great quality digital readers available, but many users prefer the versatility of tablets and smartphones as they can be used for other tasks. To get more out of your tablets/smartphones, we gather these useful reader-friendly applications for Apple iOS devices users.

The apps on our list are compatible with your iPad or iPhone and they will allow you to manage an extensive collection of books, discover new titles and enjoy digital reading even more. Using your iOS device to read books is not only very practical, but it can also help you to save money and to help the environment by avoiding the use of paper. Here are some useful apps that will give you the possibility of getting the most out of your book collection, no matter where you are.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads iOS App
Goodreads iOS App

Goodreads is recognized by millions of book lovers around the world as the perfect place to discover and to share favorite books. You can find great recommendations and discuss everything about books in this impressive site that also offers a mobile app with the same possibilities. Goodreads allows you to find books that you are likely to enjoy based on your preferences and previous reading history. 

It is also possible to see what your friends are reading, write reviews and add books to the list of what you want to read. The free app features a barcode scanner that can be used whenever you are in a bookstore. Once you scan the book, you can add it to your “to-read” shelf and look for reviews and comments. The personalized recommendations and extensive community of readers make Goodreads a crucial app for those who are passionate about reading.

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2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary iOS App
Merriam-Webster Dictionary iOS App

A good dictionary is an essential part of any library and with the help of the Merriam-Webster app, you can rely on the quality of this respected publisher to improve your vocabulary while you are enjoying a great book.

When you are reading a book, you may come across words that you are not familiar with, but thanks to this comprehensive dictionary you can find out their meaning. 

Having a richer vocabulary is possible with this practical reference app that features options like Voice Search, Word of the Day, Audio Pronunciations, Example Sentences, Integrated Thesaurus and more. You can download the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app for free.

3. Book Crawler

Book Crawler iOS App
Book Crawler iOS App

If you love reading so much that you can’t keep track of the books you have read and need help managing your personal library, Book Crawler by Jaime Stokes is a must-have app. Trusted by thousands of users, Book Crawler is an ideal option to manage your entire book collection.

You can upload all your books and organize them into a simple database. The ISBN barcode scanner or manual number search can be used to add new books to the catalog and you can get instant access to book details and reviews. 

It is also possible to locate books by author and to filter your collection for quick access to what you want. Additionally, Book Crawler allows you to share and talk with other users about the books you are reading. This free app is the ideal option for those who can devour entire books in a few hours or days and it can be a great tool for teachers, collectors and library professionals. If you want unlimited entries, you can upgrade for $2.99.

4. iReaditNow

iReaditNow iOS App
iReaditNow iOS App

Created by Wonjae Choi, iReaditNow is an impressive and convenient catalog that will suit most readers’ needs. It enables you to manage your book collection and to keep track of your reading habits to make your reading experience richer and more personalized. The app can help you organize records of the books you read and it can also save details of how you read and what phrases inspired you the most. 

You can archive books that you read or those you would like to read, save the dates when you started and finished a book or attach excerpts and notes.

It even gives you the possibility of enjoying images that represent your reading life and you can share your reading history via Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy every aspect of your reading experience with iReaditNow. The app can be downloaded for free.

5. eBook Search Pro

eBook Search Pro iOS App
eBook Search Pro iOS App

Managing your library is important, but you also need to add new titles to your collection to make sure that you have a large number of options. Here is where a convenient app like eBook Search Pro can become your best ally. eBook Search Pro by Inkstone Software is available for just $0.99 and it gives you access to thousands of free titles in different genres. 

The books are delivered directly to your eBook reader app (Kindle, iBooks, and Nook are some of the apps supported) and you can get e-books and audiobooks from a large selection of catalogs, even those that are not easy to find. A free version is also available, but getting eBook Search Pro is an investment worth making as it gives you access to a more extensive selection of books and it doesn’t have annoying ads.

That ends our list of most useful applications for iPhone/iPad users who love to read books and novels. We hope that our readers would find these apps helpful. If you have your own favorite apps, then you must share them with us in the below comment section. We would be glad to hear from you and compile this list even better.

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