Android Bitcoin App — Top 5 Bitcoin Apps for Android Users

Android Bitcoin App is the things you are searching for? If YES, you are at the correct place.

If you’ve just acquired a new Android phone, it’s time to pay a visit to the Google Play store and start downloading apps. You will find there is a lot of bitcoin apps in the Google play store, and it is increasing every day. Here are five Bitcoin apps that are user-friendly and, even better, free.

Mycelium Wallet – Android Bitcoin App

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mobile Bitcoin wallets are popular on Android.  Largely due to the early problems with Apple’s Bitcoin apps. Fans of the virtual currency felt that Apple steered them towards Android purely so they could access the best Bitcoin apps, such as Mycelium Wallet.

This is a particularly useful app as it helps you in finding others to trade with. The supernodes enable fast connections to the Bitcoin network and its cold storage ability affords maximum security.

With all that in mind, it isn’t difficult to understand why this app is popular among Bitcoin fans. Its advanced features include xpriv/xpub key exports, TREZOR support, and the ability to decrypt BIP38 keys. MyCelium was founded in 2008, operating with a team of 35 staff located in America, Asia, and Europe. All of its apps are open source. Also, there are many applications that allow free bitcoin mining and manage bitcoin as well.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget -Android Bitcoin App

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

For users who are addicted to checking the LTC/BTC price, XBT Apps’ Ticker Widget monitors a large number of Bitcoin exchanges, such as BitPay Best Bid, BTC China, BTCe, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp.

You can customize your app alerts so that you’re notified. When major changes occur in the market, which gives you an opportunity to move quickly.


Bitcoin Paranoid 

Bitcoin Paranoid

There are a number of Bitcoin fans who are addicted to comparing the price of Bitcoins with their local currency.

Bitcoin Paranoid provides pricing alerts every ten seconds (when in Paranoia mode) or every one minute, 15 minutes, or one hour, if preferred. It works with numerous exchanges.

Bitcoin Checkout 

Bitcoin Checkout

Bitcoin Checkout gets merchants, both mobile and brick-and-mortar, to easily and quickly accept Bitcoin from their smartphone. Its features include merchant protection from price volatility, instant payment verification, and customizable tipping.

It’s a nice idea, as so many merchants are adopting Bitcoin, and from a number of industries. Bitcoin is using in retail. For example, with OpenBazaar is a great example of how useful the virtual currency. Customers can choose from 50 virtual currencies to pay with, with sellers being paid in Bitcoin.

The central database holding all the transaction data, and the data is distributing over a global network.

Similarly, the online casino industry has also taken to Bitcoin, with site members preferring the fact that they can play anonymously. These guys list a number of the more popular Bitcoin-accepting casinos, taking into account what games are available, difficulty-level, and reputation within the gaming community.

Bitcoin Map 

Bitcoin Map

The Davide Gessa app combines a number of services to provide you with information about Bitcoin merchants operating where you live. It uses Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and coinmap.org to locate local businesses that accept Bitcoin for their products and services.

Bitcoin has come a long way, and so many kinds of Bitcoin App is developing since until now. Apps come and go but these are five of the best that are currently available.

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