The best free android apps to learn something worthwhile

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we learn things. Google is our first destination satisfy our queries. There are many institutes that provide well designed online courses absolutely free to help you learn something worthwhile. You need to find the right course for you (which has now become very easy) and then stick to its plan. There is no point in having good content available if one does not use it in the appropriate manner.

Here we are listing the best android apps that you can download for free from the Google Play Store to learn something new and worthwhile.


The credentials of its website, read built and recognized by industry leaders to advance your career”. The app provides access to a range of online courses primarily in the Computer Science and programming domain. There are about a dozen courses by Google on Android app development.

The students enrolling to these courses get access to video classes which are a collection of micro lectures lasting anywhere from a minute to 10 minute duration. There are small tasks and questions in between the lectures wherein the student is suppose to mark his or her choice or check the box after task completion.

The courses with verified certificate cost around 200$ per month which is quite an amount. The courses are designed and developed in association with Universities like Georgia Tech, San Jose State University etc and Industry leaders like AT&T, Google etc. You can filter courses based on your level- Beginner,Intermediate and Advanced

The claim made by the MOOC (Mass Open Online Course)platform that is helps you level-up your career is yet to be tested. Nevertheless, this platform is a very good place to sharpen your skills and learn tools.

You can download the app here



Coursera is a pioneer in the domain of Online education. With a range of courses from technology to finance to humanities, this platform also provides the usual features common to MOOC platforms like verified courses, self paced learning, group discussion with peers and feedback on submissions and evaluation.

Coursera also has tie-ups with universities like Rice  University wherein professors from the university are the lead instructor in the course.

The courses which were initially free have now been made paid courses under the tag “specialisation”. We are yet to see how the popularity graph for these courses vary with the change in fees.

You can download the app here



Khan-Academy  Khan Academy

Khan academy in define true education- no ad-supported, no freemium- its absolutely free. The courses include test prep courses for SAT and other entrance tests. Unlike the other two MOOC platforms discussed above which target tech savvy adults primarily, Khan academy focuses on students from Kindergarten to Junior to High School. It also offers a range of language options which is very rare for such a platform. The assignments are machine graded and comprise of video lectures which are also accessible on the app. The dedication of Khan academy to provide free education is evident from the fact that it does not even require a account to view its videos. The quality of content leaves us wanting for more but what this platform has achieved is tremendous and is totally worth checking out.

You can download the app here



This app is for Indian students aiming to crack JEE and PMT exams for entrance into prestigious engineering and medical institutes respectively. The interesting part about this platform and similar other test prep platforms is their algorithm to calculate preparation level and pose questions dynamically based on the responses. The difficulty level increases when you answer questions correctly and decreases when otherwise. They provide an edge to the preparation and act as icing on the cake. They are affordable and definitely boost the score.

You can download the app here




Do let us know which one of these have you used to polish your skills

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