How to become an Android Developer using online resources

Nowadays, the Android operating system is quite common and becoming very first choice for most of the smartphones and high-tech gadgets manufactures. The simplicity and reliability make it more flexible for application development purpose and it could be learned very easily. If you have good hands on few programming languages such as C/C++ , Java etc., it would become more easy for you to get started as android development includes these languages as a core part.

If you’d like to learn Android programming and want to be a part of android application development, then this post will definitely going to help you to good extent as here we have shared many online resources which could be used to learn Android programming easily and would help you to become an android developer as soon as possible. If you see on Internet, you’ll find that now we can learn most of the courses online, for completely free or for some we would pay.

Of course, if any organization or team is helping to learn online they would expect some returns to keep their work online. However, still one could easily find lots of learning resources that offer tutorials and lessons free of cost.

We help you to learn android application development online with no fees with such resources that offer help lessons and tutorials. Let’s get started with our list of online resources to learn Android development online.

Best resources to learn Android Programming

TutorialsPoint – They have featured a very well detailed set of tutorials, from basic information such as introduction to complicated modules, they all have been described and explain very well.

Android Developers – A great place for developers to get started with tools such as Android Studio and Android SDK kit. You learn from basics to top-level. You’ll get latest Android APIs, packages and developing tools to develop apps that support latest Android operating system.

Code Learn – Using tutorial available on codelearn’s website, you could learn Android program is very fast manner. They have listed tutorials having very simple to learn and understand language and set of examples to make learn process more easy and convenient.

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems – This online course focus on designing and building user-facing applications but it is advisory that you should have knowledge of Java language. Basically this course will guide you to use Android Studio and the Android Development Environment, designing screens, user interface and includes native functionality to applications. Also you could get enrolled for upcoming and previous courses.

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps – Another intuitive course from Coursera, very good for beginner to come  up with new ideas and code their very own projects. Also, we can easily learn technical programming to write graphically pleased applications and includes multimedia such as audio.

We’ll be adding more useful resources very soon.

Online learn is quite easy at you set your own preferred timings and place to start. We hope you’ve found these online resources for learning Android Application Development and we wish you a good luck!

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  1. Great list. I recently discovered udacity. It is a great website which teaches you to learn how to build android apps among other things. Perhaps you could review it and add it to your list?

    Cheers. Oz.

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