Top 17 Best Web Browsers For Android [2022]

The ranking of the different web browsers is most often about browsers for computers and Macs. However, millions of users surf the Internet every day using tablets or smartphones, and therefore very often use the Android application. So what are the most efficient web browsers for these users? In this roundup, we are about to explore some of the best internet web browsers available for Android users that offer speed, performance, stability and reduce your internet consumption as well.

What are the most advantageous alternatives for browsing freely, discreetly, and as comfortably as possible? We have tried to study these alternatives and present them to you.

List of Best Web Browsers For Android in 2022


1. Chrome

Google applications offer a design and practicality that are no longer in question. For example, the Google Chrome browser offers perfect ergonomics and remains one of the easiest to use. Web browsing on Google Chrome is fast and efficient, and loading times are always comfortable.

Like its computer counterpart, Google Chrome on Android allows you to store a list of favourite pages. It also has a tab for private browsing, so that it is protected from cookies. Google Chrome on Android prevents phishing and protects its users from certain malicious software.

You can download this app here.

Brave Mobile Browser for Android
Brave Mobile Browser.

2. Brave

Brave is a proven browser, yet it is less famous than some of its counterparts. Its main asset is an adblocker, which offers the Internet user guaranteed ad-free browsing. This makes browsing faster and reduces loading times considerably. This browser does not require any plug-ins or configuration.

Browsing is still safe, as it also protects against pop-ups and malware. Brave takes care of privacy by blocking scripts, blocking unknown cookies, and using private browsing tabs. It also optimises battery life and, like any browser, offers the famous favourites list and history management options.

You can download this app here.

Firefox mobile browser
Firefox for mobile.

3. Firefox

The main advantage of Firefox is the synchronisation between computer and mobile accounts. Data sharing allows for synchronised browsing that is truly user-friendly. As an independent browser par excellence, Firefox memorises the needs of users to offer them browsing suggestions adapted to their needs. In addition, private browsing blocks elements of the web that allow browsing to be traced.

Many Firefox modules are available to make truly customised use of it, allowing to block advertisements, manage different passwords, or optimise downloads. Moreover, its functionalities allow to easily share content with the most used social networks.

You can download this app here.

Ecosia browser for Android.
Ecosia browser for Android.

4. Ecosia

Ecosia is an ecological search engine of German origin launched in December 2009 by Christian Kroll. It is above all an ecological company that invests in reforestation by planting trees all over the world according to a well-defined programme. The Ecosia search engine offers its users a completely free search service on Android.

Indeed, the results provided by the search engine come from the Bing engine, which is a Microsoft product. The data provided is obtained by specific algorithms previously installed by Ecosia. The particularity of Ecosia is that it inhibits almost all gas emissions from its entire environment. All this is a reality through an initiative set up and managed by Myclimate.

You can download this app here.

DuckDuckgo mobile browserDuckDuckgo mobile browser
DuckDuckgo mobile browser.

5. DuckDuckgo

This is a browser that allows you to search for all kinds of information including web pages, images and videos. These results come essentially from more than four hundred sources, including DuckDuckgo, as well as reference websites such as Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc. The philosophy of this search engine is mainly to preserve the privacy of its users (IP address, browser signature etc.).

To this end, it does not store any personal information about its users. However, DuckDuckgo does relay sponsored links through advertisements on its search engine. It is accessible via the Tor communication network and in HTTPS.

You can download this app here.

Tor browser for Android phones.
Tor browser.

6. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a search engine based on Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to browse anonymously on the Tor anonymisation network, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of communications. It uses extensions and search engines that protect not only your IP address but also your geolocation and data. It is a true privacy tool.

In fact, during its operation, data is transmitted digitally through different combinations and reaches the recipient or the server directly. It is a browser that is easy to install and configure according to your choice. It should be noted that once this browser is installed on Android, the user can choose the security level (low, default, high).

You can download this app here.

Dolphin Zero browser for Android
Dolphin Zero browser.

7. Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero makes it a point of honour to respect the privacy of its users. It seems to be the most secure browser as it automatically deletes data and browsing history. This browser does not store passwords and cookies, which offers the user a particularly secure browsing experience. A “Do Not Track” feature is available to ensure your own anonymity. Its ad blocker is very efficient.

It also offers a personalised search, to optimise time and prioritise browsing over searching. Its download time is one of the shortest, and voice search is available, making it one of the most efficient web browsers on Android.

You can download this app here.

Samsung Internet for Android
Samsung Internet for Android

8. Samsung Internet for Android

Samsung Internet is available on all Android smartphones. A major competitor to Google Chrome, it offers a night mode and a high-contrast mode, allowing the contrast of the screen to be reduced depending on where the user is browsing. It has an interesting content blocker, as it can block advertisements and any inappropriate content on the Internet.

Like other browsers on Android, Samsung Internet allows the synchronisation of favourites between the computer and the smartphone, in order to optimise browsing time. It also ensures fast browsing combined with battery saving. Like other browsers, its secret mode allows you to keep your browsing data private. It also offers a download manager, a quick menu that activates extensions if necessary, and a web engine that can be configured.

You can download this app here.

Microsoft Edge for Android
Microsoft Edge for Android.

9. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is an intelligent and user-friendly browser. It automatically disqualifies unnecessary information, in order to display and offer content tailored to the user, to minimise search time. Like other Android browsers, it can synchronise between different accounts to retrieve data from a computer from a mobile phone. Passwords and bookmarks can be accessed from any device.

In addition, it offers a voice search function to find relevant content more quickly. It also takes care to preserve confidentiality, thanks to a private mode that protects browsing data and ensures total respect for the privacy of the Internet user. In a feature rarely offered, Microsoft Edge also offers the possibility of reorganising a web page to make it easier to read and target the most appropriate content for the search.

You can download this app here.

Opera for Android
Opera for Android.

10. Opera

Opera is one of the most popular mobile browsers. It allows you to generate a newsfeed based on what you like so that you can have articles specific to your searches. Its ad blocker is particularly effective.

Its download time is of proven quality, and this browser offers its user the opportunity to really manage its content by allowing or denying access from certain websites. Moreover, the synchronisation between computer and smartphone allows access to favourite pages in all circumstances.

You can download this app here.

Kiwi Browser for Android
Kiwi Browser for Android.

11. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is a revolutionary browser for Android phones. It is based on the Chromium 69 engine and benefits from optimisations that allow it to display web pages very quickly. During its operation, Kiwi Browser incorporates a system designed to block unwanted and malicious content.

This system also blocks cryptojacking attempts and removes the RGPD warning banners displayed on all websites by accepting all cookies in your place. In addition, the kiwi Browser has an entertainment feature. This feature allows you to play content in the background. Great isn’t it?

You can download this app here.

Via Browser for Android
Via Browser for Android.

12. Via Browser

There are browsers in the mobile landscape that are suitable for all categories of users. Via mobile is one of them. It is a fast, lightweight browser suitable for all mobile devices in general and Android in particular. Based on Chromium Webview, Via browser offers an easy to use and fast form of navigation. Its interface is very simplified and gives access to features located in a discreet toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

Via also allows you to save pages that can be revisited offline. It can also easily block images or videos that could clutter up your data plan. Decidedly huh, the designers of this browser have gone so far as to include a night display to spare our eyes from a strong glare. Also, it has an Incognito mode that allows you to surf discreetly in the most evasive and shady corners of the net. What could be more beautiful!

You can download this app here.

Phoenix Browser
Phoenix Browser.

13. Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser is now one of the first competitors of Chrome on Android. It offers almost the same features as you can find with other browsers. You can block online ads while browsing, take advantage of the data saver feature, the privacy mode to protect your data, and the night mode.

In addition to these features, you will have the chance to benefit from an offline download mode and support in 34 different languages with Phoenix Browser. Something you won’t find with other browsers.

You can download this app here.

UC Browser
UC Browser for Android.

14. UC Browser

According to NetmarketShare, UC Browser is the third most used browser on mobile (iOS and Android) behind Chrome and Safari. It is also one of the most downloaded browsers on the Play Store with over 500,000,000 downloads for a browser that only launched in October 2011. UC Browser is a super-fast browser with a simple and intuitive interface.

With UC Browser, you’ll enjoy the best features available. For example, you have the fast mode that speeds up your browsing by compressing data while saving you MBs from your internet package. Here you can easily block ads and browse the internet with peace of mind.

The Facebook model of this browser allows you to speed up your browsing on Facebook, regardless of your connection speed. Finally, the UC Browser allows you to download with ease, as its servers stabilise and accelerate downloads. Moreover, in the event of an interruption, the download will automatically continue at the stopping point once the connection is re-established.

You can download this app here.

Maxthon Browser for Android
Maxthon Browser

15. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is a browser released in November 2010 by Maxthon USA Inc. This browser for Android is what you need if you want to save on mobile data and therefore money on your bills. This is because it offers an intelligent image display so that you can control your mobile data. In addition, Maxthon Browser comes with a variety of features for the enjoyment of its users. You have for example :

  • a built-in note-taking tool to take notes while browsing;
  • a built-in password manager to save and manage your passwords safely, as it uses encryption technology to secure the data;
  • Incognito mode that allows you to browse safely without leaving any trace online;
  • Synchronisation mode on different devices and many more.

You can download this app here.

Vivaldi Browser for Android
Vivaldi Browser for Android.

16. Vivaldi Browser

Although it existed on PC since 2015, it was only in September 2019 that this browser was designed for Android users. This makes it one of the newest browsers for Android. Despite this, Vivaldi for Android provides its users with a variety of functionality. For example, there is a tracker and ad blocker, a QR code scanner, the ability to take notes directly while browsing, sync support and dark mode.

Vivaldi also allows you to take screenshots, translate websites from one language to another. With Vivaldi, you can customise your browser to suit your tastes. Like its competitors, this browser offers you the possibility to synchronise your tabs, browsing history and passwords on other devices using Vivaldi.

You can download this app here.

Pure Web Browser
Pure Web Browser

17. Pure Web Browser

Pure Web Browser is one of the browsers for Android that has been released recently. It was only launched in April 2019. However, despite its young age, it offers the best features to facilitate your browsing. Like the previous browsers, you will be entitled to a powerful ad blocker to browse with peace of mind, a QR code scanner, an ultra-fast video downloader.

Pure Web Browser is also a small browser and therefore consumes few resources. It offers a private browsing mode which is a great way to browse the internet without leaving any traces. It is a browser that protects your privacy and protects your eyes with the night mode.

You can download this app here.

With Pure Web Browser, you can also take screenshots of your pages, search by page, import or export bookmarks and translate your pages into several languages.

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