20 Best Themes for Google Chrome Android

Google Chrome is one of the browsers that gives more possibilities when it comes to being customized by the user. If you want to change the look of this browser and do not know what theme to choose for it we leave you a selection of the best themes for Google Chrome Android.

Customize the background of Google Chrome makes it much more fun and attractive to use this feature of the browser. The best themes for Google Chrome Android there are all kinds: landscapes, colourful, abstract, animals, video games…

Corners around the world also stand out among the most attractive themes for Google Chrome. Do not miss these: Yosemite InspiredBeautiful Landscape, the Australian sunset or San Francisco at Night.

If you want colourful themes for Google Chrome, among the best are: Sunset GradientsYou Are Enough Watercolor or Sunflowers. If you want them to be food as well as colourful, don’t miss these: DessertsOranges to squeeze or Strawberries.

Among the best themes for Google Chrome Android are also those of abstract designs such as Black blue shards, Heavenly lights or Horizon Club Sydney. Nor can they miss those animals: Puppy LoveSea Turtle or Doggy will surprise you with their beauty.

If you are one of those who prefer to have images of your favourite video games as a Google Chrome theme, look at the best themes such as: Legend of Zelda , Angry Birds or Assasins’s Creed IV Black Flag. In addition, there are different and striking themes such as Retro RobotsBits + PiecesLegal Pad or Central Park.

Where to Download Themes for Google Chrome Android

If you have already taken a look at the selection of the best themes for Google Chrome Android, but you are not convinced by any and you want to be the one who chooses from the different websites we tell you where to download themes for Google Chrome.

The official page to download themes is Google Web Store. There you can choose any and filter by the most valued by users or search by category of artists or Google. Access this site by clicking here.

Another site where you can download themes of all kinds is There you will find hundreds of backgrounds by category or by user rating.

How to Change the Background in Google Chrome

If you have already chosen among the best themes for Google Chrome Android, but do not know how to install it we tell you how to change the background in Google Chrome. It is a simple task that will not take you much time.

Open Chrome on your computer and then click on the three little dots at the top right of the screen.¬†Then click on “Settings“. Then click on “Appearance” and “Themes“. When you find a theme you want to use, click on “Add to Chrome“.

Unfortunately at the moment, you can only apply these themes only from the computer. In Chrome for mobile, you can only set a light theme or dark theme.

How to Set Dark Mode in Google Chrome

Since you have seen this variety of the best themes for Google Chrome Android you may also be interested to know how to put the dark mode on Google Chrome. The dark mode is suitable for those environments with low light.

When there is low light and the mobile or computer screen is bright it causes the eyes to hurt and there is more eye strain. To help improve eye health it is best to turn on dark mode.

To find out how to put the dark mode on Google Chrome simply open the application on your mobile device and then click on the three dots that you have in the upper right. In the options menu look for the cogwheel where it says “Settings“. Next, click on “Theme” and then click on “Dark“. The screen will change to dark and the text will change to white.

How to Set a Custom Google Chrome Background

If you want to know how to set a custom Google Chrome background it is very easy. Open Chrome on your computer. Then click on the + icon to add a new tab. At the bottom click on the “Customize Chrome” button.

Then a screen opens where you have to choose “Upload“. Choose on your computer the image of yours that will be the background of Google Chrome. Then click on “Open” to set it.

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