Used Apple Phones- How to Inspect Best One Before Buying?

Never dismiss the chance to get the best apple used phones because they are worth checking out. Advanced or not, the best-used iPhones end up getting some substantial price cuts when a new product gets launched. Some people thoroughly upgrade their iPhones every year and for them finding a tremendous used one is a better option. 

There are numerous reasons why one should choose a used iPhone over a new one. The major one is cost. Getting a new Apple phone can be very expensive, and used phones are sometimes hundreds of dollars cheaper than them. You need to look at various factors before purchasing an iPhone. 

One can find out some of the popularly used apple phones by checking out hardware and software functionality for better operability.

What to Check Before Buying A Used iPhone?


Anyone buying a used Apple phone often checks its body and ensures any crack, dent, or other damage. Apart from it, one should do a basic hardware check, which involves a screen with no dead pixels and is scratch-free. Touch is working appropriately. It is notable to check the working of both front and rear cameras along with flash. 

One should ensure that the Lightning port and headphone jacks are functioning effectively. Testing a call quality and loudspeaker is also an excellent option to make sure that purchasing a used iPhone is a good option.

Activation Lock

Activation lock works as a theft protection system that stops other people from using it. It is crucial to ensure that Activation Lock is disabled while buying a used Apple phone. In earlier years, the company offered an Activation Lock status tool to check if it was locked by entering the IMEI number of their iPhone. 

Now, the tool has been removed, which means that people have to check manually. Visit the Settings tab, go to General, and click on the Reset option. Now, click on Erase All Content and Settings and start the setup process. If asked for the previous owner’s Apple ID and Password, it means the iPhone is still linked to the previous account.

Water Damage

While buying a used Apple phone, one should ensure that there has been no damage due to water. The company has built-in LCI, Liquid Contact Indicators on all Apple phones. It makes the process of checking liquid damage quite simple. For the iPhone 5 and above series, LCI is set inside the SIM card slot. By removing the SIM card tray, one can check if there is a red spot. This red spot or strip is an indication of water damage.


With the iOS 11.3 version, the company has presented a new feature that shows battery health. This feature is available on the 6 and above series of iPhone. The battery health indicator will be 100 percent on a new Apple phone. As the battery health worsens, which implies the maximum capacity of the iPhone reduces. 

One will see a note showing, “Battery health of your iPhone is reduced. To bring back full performance and capacity, an Apple Authorized Service Provider can change the battery”. It’s not advisable to purchase the product or replace the battery before using it in such a situation.

Return Policy

Even though people pay less for the used iPhones, they should still check if there is a return policy on the device or not. They may need some time to determine whether the used iPhone is the right product for their needs or not. 

If the seller refuses to offer such a return procedure, it’s better to look elsewhere. One should be able to return the Apple phone for any reason, whether about the dissatisfaction that concerns the functionality or anything else. 

After a few days of use, people might face some issues with hardware or software. Hence, it is better to check for a return policy before purchasing a used Apple phone.

Top Used Apple Phones to Buy

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 7 256GB

Can Anyone Get Used iPhone at Apple Store?

People love not only the classic design of iPhones, but they also feel comfortable with battery life, superfast processor, Face ID Technology, and more. Dual-lens cameras, extra RAM, and some other features make iPhones last for several years.

One can benefit from water resistance and wireless charging-like facilities while buying an Apple product. Undoubtedly, people can save lots of money if they buy apple used phones compared to a new phone. 

Some think of buying used iPhones from the Apple Store. However, Apple does not sell used handsets, and one has to search for local or third-party sellers to buy a used iPhone. Some of the renowned dealers around whom people can shop safely are Amazon, Gazelle, and more. 

People can shop for certified refurbished phones at Apple to meet the same functional standards as the new ones. Refurbished iOS devices come with a new outer shell, accessories, and battery life. 

These certified refurbished devices offered by Apple have the guarantee but cost extra charges for a refurbished unit. However, some secondhand stores also authorize protection for their customers. These third-party vendors would not charge extra price and might also offer a refund policy if the product received is not as described.

While shopping for a used phone, it is crucial to deal only with well-reputed sellers. Only some sellers offer a warranty or refund policy. Apart from it, one should ensure that the vendor has an inspection process for all the apple used phones they sell. In this way, people can ensure that a device which they are buying is in good condition.


iPhones are quite expensive, so going for a used Apple phone is generally the best choice. Though the Apple Store does not sell used iPhones, people can find several other places to get great deals on them. Make sure to purchase a used iPhone from a reputable vendor to do all the vital checks and get it affordable.

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