10 Best Applications for Oppo F5

Under the budget-friendly chunk, the Oppo has been doing good all the way. Released in October’17, the Oppo F5 is being quite popular these days. The handset has been powered with favorable hardware specification, and importantly, it is budget-friendly. Here in this post, we gather some of the best apps for Oppo F5 to make best use of it.

These applications have been randomly collected on basis of their popularity, and usability. Without an appropriate applications, no matter whether you’re having Oppo F5, or Galaxy Note 8, that won’t make any differences.

The Oppo F5 runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat operating system that makes possible to run most of the applications. With 6.0 inches display is seamlessly good, and works well while watching movies, and playing games. This smart phone is available in two variants 64 GB, 6 GB RAM or 32 GB, 4 GB RAM. More RAM means better performance. That means you can run as much as applications you want, and preferably have multitasking too.

We hope that our readers would like this list of applications that we have for Oppo F5. Don’t forget to share your favorite apps in our comment section. We would love to make this list even better. Lets’ start our list of useful applications for Oppo F5.

Best applications for Oppo F5

1. Pacer

Pacer_appLooking for an application that can count your steps without any requirement for wrist-band, then Pacer is the application for you. Pacer uses your phone’s GPS signal to monitor steps taken by you and works collaboratively with your other fitness application.

You can also invite your friends and family to join, and can plan a group task for each one of you. It also helps you with achieving your preset goals by keeping track of your tasks and motivating you in achieving the same.

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2. Android Pay

Android_Pay_oppo_F5Do you also get tired to managing your cards including credit/debit cards, loyalty cards and gift cards? Then Android Pay might be the solution for you.

You can store your cards and can pay for your bills, in-app purchases, or can use this app to make purchases in store, online shopping and much more. While in hurry, we all can get confused between our cards like which you should’ve taken out to pay at that time.

However, with Android Pay you can easily pay for anything you want while being involved in your other tasks as well. Wherever contact-less payment gets accepted, Android Pay will work there. You also get earn and redeem your reward points while making payments sing Android Pay. Use this app on you Oppo F5 to pay money to others. This app surely improves the productivity of the phone.

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3. QuickPic

QuickPic_Photo_GalleryBored with native Gallery app on your Oppo F5? Try this one! QuickPic is one the best available Android gallery app available. It is being used and preferred by millions due to compact size, fast speed, and powerful performance. it helps with managing your photos and lets you organize your photos categorically.  QuickPic’s modern design helps you systematically manage your precious photos.

This also assist you with easily hiding your personal photos from nosy people around you and keep them password protected. Quickpic lets you backup and facilitate restoration on Cloud based storage medium. It is fast, stable, and compatible with almost every media files like mp4, mpv, mpeg, mts etc.

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4. Open Table

OpenTable_Restaurants_Near_Me_app_oppo_f5These days, making reservation before going to someplace you are thinking about dining-in, can be a very good idea. No one likes to wait for a table, planning is required! And here, Open Table can help you with this.

Inside the app, one can choose from variety of restaurants or can just look for ratings, availability, reviews about any restaurant you like to dine-in. You can check available restaurant’s menus, photos to get an idea about their ambiance,

You can get also coordinates plans with your friends by adding restaurant reservations to their calendar. As simple as that! And just by making reservation through Open Table, you can earn reward points.

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5. Pocket

Pocket_appPocket will act as your own place on your device where you can save any article, video, or link which you feel interested in, but don’t have enough time to go through with it at that time. By that, you can access your saved content easily via pocket even when you don’t have access to internet.

Pocket also offers you easy-to-view reading experience with lots of available customization. It provides you unlimited storage along with text-to-speech function that enables you to listen to your saved articles as well. You must keep this app on your Oppo F5, and keep your favorite news, article, blogs, etc., under a one hood.

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6. Trello

Trello_oneplus_5_appsTrello offers you to organize all your projects(either professional or personal) in a flexible, fun, and simple manner.

No matter what your project is, it can be as simple as creating a Grocery  list or a very complex professional project, you can easily manage on both projects with some assistance with Trello application.

You can either work solo, or can also invite your team members to work together by directly adding comments, files to Trello cards. You can have access to Trello via all your devices and stay in sync.

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7. Pinterest

Pinterest_appPinterest is something you can never go bore with! It offers tons of information about our tiniest requirement in our life in a very interesting way. You can get picture, link to various articles available on web like food receipts, adventurous trips, quotes, stories and much more!

Want to know how to dress-up for a particular occasion or just about everyday styles. At the time of installation, you can select from number of topics that interests you to get updates regarding those topics. All I can say about this app is that You will surely enjoy with this application! We recommend this app to download on your Oppo F5.

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8. Socratic

Socratic_education_app_oppo_f5_appsSocratic has been awarded by Google as its best application of 2017. And do you want to know what it basically does? It will work as your personal tutor! If you are stuck with a query related to any subject, just take a picture of that query and get answers via Socratic’s amazing Artificial Intelligence software.

It will respond you with videos, useful links or step by step explanation related to that query. According to its developer, its provide the best solution to your math problems just with photo of any math equation. It offers a more interesting way to learn new methods with its highly intuitive design.

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9. Letgo

letgo-buy-sell-appDo you want to get rid of your old stuff and get the best offers on some used item you can make use of? Then you can give a try to Letgo application. You can buy or sell virtually anything and grab best deals without any hassle.

You can upload pictures or videos you want to sell via Letgo app and can refer the same which are uploaded b other users if you interested in buying any item. The best part if this application is its simple and intuitive design.

You can easily chat with potential buyers of your products and can set a deal with them as per your choice. Probably, this would be best app for Oppo F5 users to sell, and buy used goods on the go!

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10. Faceapp

Faceapp_oppo-f5Faceapp is another selfie based image editor with which you can transform your simple images into something you can remember for a while. Like other available selfie editors, you can transform your images using available filters into something new.

However, it offers something unique as well. With Faceapp, you can increase/decrease your age in image, change gender or can also add Hollywood inspired smile to your picture. There are much more filters available that you are try and have some fun with your pictures.

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PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android

11. PPSSPP Emulator

With this emulator you can easily play your favorite PSP games on your phone. Yes, you heard it right. This app makes this thing possible The PPSSPP Emulator is most complete one, and it work very well. Since, Oppo F5 has good hardware, and RAM memory, you can expect good performance, and gameplay. There are tons of titles that one can play like God of War, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, etc., even more you can.

We have a dedicated guide that helps to configure this emulator in best manner. So you use the below links to get started with this emulator, and elevate your gaming passion.

So, it ends our list of apps for Oppo F5 here, and we hope that our readers would love this list. Soon, we’ll update this post with more applications. Till then, keep checking our blog. Share this list, make comment, and subscribe us.

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