How to App lock on OnePlus 5T and 5

OnePlus has been very serious about their production, and marketing. Within a small span, they have commended their-self as one of best OEM among all smartphone manufactures. If you’re serious about your privacy, then you’re going to like this tutorial. In this guide, we’ll help you to lock applications on OnePlus 5T, and 5 using the inbuilt security option. That will keep your photos, videos, and files completely safe, and out of reach from others.

This option comes built-in in OnePlus 5 and 5T. So, there is need to download any kind of application that we usually do, or most of the tutorials suggest. OnePlus embeds this option under the Setting panel of their devices, and one can access it any time. It works absolutely fine, and helps you to lock applications without using a dedicated, or simply, third-party applications. Not only this, there are many other useful features that remain useful till the life your smart phone.

If you’ve been looking out for a way to lock/secure your applications on OnePlus 5T, and 5 smartphones, then tutorial will surely help you. We mention the very easy steps to configure the App lock feature, and get started with it in just seconds.

There are several reasons to keep our apps secure from others. In current days, we usually save of all our details, and important stuff under our smart phone. So, putting lock over them helps to keep them completely secure from others.

The built-in features allows one to set up the Pattern, and numeric lock. Means, if you’re using a pattern lock to unlock your phone, same will be applied on Apps as well.

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You can easily switch to Numeric lock as well.

Let’s get into the work, and see how it works on OnePlus 5T, and 5 smart phone.

How to Lock Apps on OnePlus 5T and 5 Android Phones

The process is very easy. To make more easier, we mention all steps with appropriate images. Also, we’ve published a Video for the same, and that is available at the bottom.

1. From the list of apps, tap on Settings icon.


2. Now, look under the Settings menu and Tap on Security & fingerprint option available under Personal section.


3. Once you get into the mentioned menu, scroll down to get App Lock option. This option comes inbuilt in OnePlus devices.


If you’re using OnePlus 2 or One, you might need to download the App Locker application to perform these actions.

4. Once you tap on App locker option, you will need to enter your Pattern lock or numeric lock that you’ve set to open your phone.

5. Now, you get the list all applications (almost all) that you can lock. Now, to put a lock on an Applications, you just need to tap on it, and that’s it.


You can select as much as applications.

6. That’s it. Now, if anyone opens these applications or access them in your absences, he/she needs to put that Pattern /Numeric password in order to open them.


Isn’t that easy? Yes, it is. You can anytime lock and unlock applications on your OnePlus 5T, and 5 using these steps.

Here’s the video tutorial for the same:

Important: If you’ve setup your fingerprint to unlock your phone, you can use your finger to unlock these apps.

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  1. I have bought that model a week ago and searching for the security application. After reading this, I have installed the application on it, and the given process for the Application for the model oneplus5t is very easy and interesting to build up the more protection over it.

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