7 Most Common Poco X3 NFC Problems & Their Solutions

Little X3 NFC became a best seller just a few days after its launch. It has a powerful combination of features that is impossible to find for $ 219.00 / £ 195.00 / € 187.94 (the price may vary). However, it cannot be denied that it also presents some problems that have caused users more of a headache. Therefore, we have this guide to troubleshoot and fix the most common POCO X3 NFC problems and issues and make it work perfectly.

Most are bugs caused by MIUI 12 that will only be solved in future updates, and others are due to lack of compatibility or poor mobile configuration. Till the time, the hardware isn’t the cause of the problem, we can easily manage to fix most bugs ourselves. Let’s go over some of your top problems and possible solutions.

1. Audio Problems on Poco X3 NFC

Users have reported different issues related to audio on Poco X3 NFC. Some cannot directly play audio and others have problems connecting Bluetooth headphones, as the sound is played through the speakers.

These may be software issues, which will only be fixed with an upcoming MIUI update. But if you want to test if you have a problem with the speaker that prevents the audios from being heard correctly, you can resort to apps like Hidden Setting for MIUI. This app performs a series of tests to check if there are any problems in the hardware and detect any failure.

Audio Problems on Poco X3 NFC

And if you have problems with the audio when connecting the headphones via Bluetooth, try unpairing it and starting the process from scratch. And then restart the mobile. If nothing seems to solve these problems, then it will be time to restore the factory mobile. In that case, don’t forget to make a copy of your data on your mobile before starting the process.

2. Poco X3 Nfc FPS Drops in Games

One of the notable features of the Poco X3 NFC is that it has a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a dynamic update that automatically adjusts the Hz to save battery life. However, it has become a headache in games as it produces a random drop in FPS.

As some users have mentioned on Reddit, in some games, like Shadowverse or LoL Wild Rift, it oscillates constantly, going from 30 to 120 Hz all the time, affecting the FPS. The change is abrupt, lags occur and the gaming experience is affected.

Although Poco X3 NFC allows you to configure the refresh rate that we want to apply to the screen, the system skips it and reduces the Hz according to the scenario. XDA proposes a solution to disable the dynamic update and block the refresh rate.

The bad news is that you will need to root the mobile with Magisk and apply some commands to carry out this process. If you have never made these types of changes then it would be better not to try it, since you can damage the mobile. But if you want to try this solution, then take a look at the steps they detail on the Xda forum.

3. Notification From Instagram or WhatsApp

Some users have problems with the notifications of some apps on Poco X3 NFC. Sometimes the notifications do not arrive, and at other times, they are repeated. A dynamic that seems to affect apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.

To rule out that the apps have no problems, try clearing the cache for each one. To do this, go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage applications and search for the app. As you can see in the image, choose “Delete data” >> Clear cache.

If you choose “Delete all data” keep in mind that all data associated with your Instagram or WhatsApp account will be deleted and you will have to log in from scratch. If this does not solve the problems with notifications, then you will have to review the configuration, both on the mobile and the app.

For example, check that they have permissions to show permanent notifications, on the lock screen, etc., as you see in the last two images. Also, check that the Power Saver settings are not affecting the functioning of the apps in the background.

4. Kodi Does Not Work on Poco X3 NFC

One of the complaints from Poco X3 NFC users is that they have problems when they want to use the Kodi media center… it closes, the screen goes black, etc. This problem is also caused by the screen refresh rate.

If you have 120 HZ configured, you will not be able to use Kodi, since it is not compatible and will cause a series of errors. And while the dynamic update should act automatically, it doesn’t. So you have to change the Hz manually.

To do this, go to Settings >> Display >> Refresh rate and choose 60 Hz. With this simple change, you have already solved the compatibility problem with KODI. And keep in mind that this same setting can be applied with a series of multimedia apps that do not have support for 120 Hz.

5. Intermittent Change on the Poco X3 NFC Screen

Has it happened to you that your Poco NFC constantly changes the tone of the screen? Some users noticed that the screen changes the hue as if the Reading Mode was activated every so often. An issue that seems to be associated with Google Chrome.

For some reason, Chrome conflicts with the device software, affecting the screen. To temporarily solve this problem you only need to uninstall the browser updates. To do this, go to Settings >> Manage applications >> Chrome and choose “Uninstall updates”. Then it only remains to restart the mobile to prove that this trick works.

Another trick that some users deport that is working is disabling one of Chrome’s experimental features. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to Chrome and type in the navigation bar: chrome: // flags

Use the search engine to find the “Dynamic color gamut” function, as you can see in the image

Intermittent Change on the Poco X3 NFC Screen

You will see that the browser has it as “Default” so change it to “Disabled” and restart Chrome.

These are only temporary solutions, we will have to wait for a patch or update of the app that solves this failure.

6. Poco X3 NFC Camera Failures

One of the main problems reported about Poco X3 NFC in the forums has to do with the performance of the camera.

Problems when changing the sensor, poor focus with the main lens, and the Camera app that hangs all the time. Most issues related to camera performance will only be fixed with a software update, so if that’s the case, you’ll have to wait for Xiaomi to release an update.

And if the problem is that the Camera app crashes, freezes or has an error, try clearing the cache and restarting the mobile. To do this, just go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage applications >> Camera >> Clear data >> Clear cache.

7. Bad Signal Indoors With Poco X3 NFC

It is not a general failure, but several users have reported on Reddit that they have signal problems when they are indoors. The signal goes low and becomes intermittent.

The only solution that seems to work for some users is to disable LTE connectivity, but these are very rare cases. If you have this problem, consult a technical service for advice on your device. If you still have a warranty, it may be wise to change the device.

One detail to keep in mind is that the problems we mentioned do not affect all Poco X3 NFCs, some failures only occur in certain units.

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