How To Improve Battery Life Of OnePlus 3

The staggering Snapdragon 820 processor coupled with 6 GB RAM can even take a toll on the 3000 mAh battery which you get in the OnePlus 3. And you might be wondering to get more juice out this smartphone. To make this phone lasts longer, we have compiled this list of some working tips and tricks to improve the battery life on OnePlus 3/3T smartphone.

OnePlus 3/ is without any doubt a flagship killer and it’s successor, OnePlus 3T, was a step ahead. I had used this phone and still, it beats most of the current smartphones when it comes to look, feel and design. Improving the battery life of your device will help you when you are traveling and are not having a charger along with you.

We know that with Dash Charge technology in this beast one can get a full day charge within half an hour but in reality, if you want your device to last long so that one can enjoy watching movies and videos, you have to charge your device twice daily. There are some things that we can tune to m

At this point in time, you can follow a few tips which will help you to improve the battery life of OnePlus 3. In order to extend the battery life of OnePlus 3, you don’t need the root access to your device as you just have to follow easy tips. We hope that our users would get benefit from these instructions if you find them helpful or having something better then, you must share your comments.

Go Dark

The flagship killer comes with an HD Optical AMOLED screen which drains less battery as compared to the normal LCD screens. To add little more juice, you can play with settings of your device which will, in turn, optimize the battery life of your device. Oxygen OS comes with Dark Mode which will not only change the theme of your phone but also add more hours to the battery.

Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red are some of the colors which you can go for is you want to preserve the battery of OnePlus 3. To use Dark Mode open Settings of your device and then go to Customization. Enable Dark mode by tapping on the slider. Once you have enabled Dark mode you will see that the non-black portion of your screen is being lighted up which will improve battery of OnePlus 3.

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Turn off Proximity Wake and Gestures

Gestures in OnePlus devices are one of the best things which we love to use but these quick actions lead to battery drainage. When you are using gestures or proximity wake it results in multiple services running in the background. Turning off Proximity Wake and Gestures is going to help you in saving the battery of your phone.

In order to disable gestures and Proximity Wake you again have to go in the Settings menu and then select the Gestures option. On the top right, tap on the slide which will turn off gestures in OnePlus 3. To disable Proximity Wake, you have to go to Settings > Display and tap on the slider to turn it off.

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Use the Invert Color Mode

This is the last tip which you can follow to improve the battery life of OnePlus 3T. Dark Mode which we discussed in the first tip supports limited applications and you will find many applications with white background. In this case, you can use Invert Color mode on your device.

What Invert Color mode will do is, it will make black color white and vice versa. Pull down the notification drawer to enable Invert Color mode.

Remove/Disable unwanted apps

Applications facilitate different ways we can use our phones. And with them, they are nothing but just a crap. However, keeping much of them is certainly not a good idea. Many of them keep running the background, consuming battery, and Internet resources, without your knowing. Therefore, you should keep your phone cleanout of junk and useless applications.

For stock applications, those come pre-installed or are part of the Android firmware, you might not able to uninstall them. However, you could disable them, many of them. So, just open the apps manage on your phone and review apps/games that are installed on your phone. And choose which ones to keep and fetch out of your phone.

This should definitely bring great improvement to the battery life of your phone.

By following these tips you will be able to improve the battery life of OnePlus 3. The next time if you are running out of juice and are not having your Dash Charger with you make sure you use these tips.

If you are using any other tips which are giving you better battery backup on your phone share them with us using the comments section below.

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