20 Best Apps for OnePlus 3/3T

No doubt that many past years has been dominated by Chinese brands. The OnePlus is most famous among all. Each smartphone that they have designed, and marketed, was highly appreciated, and sold very well. The latest upgrade to exiting one, the OnePlus 3T got splendid specs, and features that make it one of the best smartphones in current time.

Though, having power in hand would not be that much cool until we get some cool, and useful applications. So, here we gather about 20 best apps for OnePlus 3T to get the most out of it, use it in the best manner, have loads of fun, and do much more with it.

If you look out for apps onto Google Playstore, you might get tired. There are tons of application, and that makes difficult to get useful, and advantageous apps. To make easier for you, we have gathered this list of applications for OnePlus 3 and 3T.

Apps that tend to carry out daily tasks easily, improve usability of the handset, and do creative things with it. No matter whether you’re having a budget smart phone or chart topper, the Samsung Galaxy S7, without apps, they are just shallow. Lets gets started with our list of the best applications for OnePlus 3 and 3T.

Best Apps for OnePlus 3 and 3T

1. B612 Selfie App

B612 - Selfiegenic CameraIf you’re anything like me, then you surely gonna love this application. This selfie application helps to capture the best selfies. Functions that work while you take shots. With just a swipe, left or right, it turns the complexion of the camera.

Apart, it comes with several add-ons to put on pictures while capturing them. Just swipe left-right to turn a real-time image into adorable one. Easy to use app, that works instantly, and helps to capture on good selfies. It is one of must have apps for OnePlus 3 and 3T.

2. Telecine

At Google Playstore, there are plenty of apps available that record screen on Android phones. One of them is Telecine. Thought tons of similar apps our there, but we found Telecine most delightful one. The app has a quite simple interface to offer.

The apps without root. Since Android Lollipop or up has arrived, it becomes easy to do such things on Android phone.

With multiple settings, you can optimize the recording speed, screen size, resolution, bit rate, etc. However, it only supports device’s Mic for audio recording purpose (just like almost all screen recording apps). Overall, the application is far better than rivals.

3. SuperBeam

We usually share movies, music, pictures, and files with our friends/family member. With SuperBeam, such transfers can be executed with very high speed. Basically, this app uses WiFi channel to transfer data from one device to another. And this will work perfectly with your OnePlus 3/3T..

The best thing about this app, there is no manual confirmation required while using SuperBeam. It works by connecting both your devices after a QR code confirmation.

For that, firstly you need to go to your file manager, select files you need to share, then select SuperBeam option. After that, a QR code will be generated by the source device, one your destination device, you need to choose SuperBeam Scanner to verify and transferring will be commenced automatically.

SuperBeam can also use NFC to initiate sharing between the devices. Instead of going to SuperBeam Scanner, you will just need to bring your devices, back to back and touch one time.

You can also keep track of your transferring records using this app.

4. ES File Explorer

ES file explorerES File Explorer is one the best and widely used file manager available today. The qualities of this app include managing your data or files on your phone in the most presentable and accessible form, it allows its users to share any stored file with other users who are also using ES File Explorer on their device.

This app also permits us to access our computer files, via your phone, and it also works the other way around by installing the same software on your desktop as well.

It is a highly customizable app, you can set background color, folder type, text style, etc. It offers us a better look to manage and access our stored files.

ES File Explorer also provides us Remote File Access. You can get your files from could storage Supports such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more cloud storage platforms as well.

5. NewsTab

NewsTab ReviewNewsTab offers us a fun way to get updated about news or topics which interests us. You can get all the news totally depending on your interests via a single app in a very beautiful and intuitive manner. It feels good and convenient while going through your favorite topics.

You can categorize your favorite topics and compile your very own newspaper with only your chosen topics. Pretty neat! You can follow your favorite publisher, common news topics like Business, Sports, Entertainment etc, News from various RSS feeds.

This also allows you to follow your Twitter, Facebook profile as well as that will help you with enhanced your news quota based on your profile searches as well.

6. Snapseed

SnapseedSnapseed is a simple but a powerful photo editing tool, that offers its users lots of filters to adjust their image according to their taste. It helps you with a set of filters that allows you to edit your image in layers, then you can compile all those layers and integrate it into a fine image.

You can use this app for both basic or professional use. It has filters like, Crop, Perspective, Curves, Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, and much more.

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7. Truecaller

Truecaller - Caller ID & Block (1)TrueCaller is the ultimate dialer app you will ever need for your phone. The best part of using this app is that you can see the names and photos (if available) of people who are calling, even if that contact is not saved on your phonebook.

TrueCaller also helps you with blocking any unwanted call from a number like regarding any nuisance call from a person who is bothering you. Also, you can choose from a list of blocked numbers associated with marketing calls and save yourself a trouble by answering to such calls.

Those numbers are included in truecaller’s list if some amount of people already blocked that number, so if block any new marketing number on your phone, you will be contributing to a greater cause, amusing!

8. VPN Cloud

cloudvpnVPN Cloud is one fantastic app to use to bypass any firewall, restriction while surfing on the internet. It helps with accessing restricted websites using a temporary IP address. Such apps can be used if a certain website is restricted on your country due to government rules.

Its free, easy, simple yet effective application you can try to surf the internet without any restriction. There is no registration required for using this app, and its compatible with the torrent. By that you can download any movie torrent even if it’s not available for your country.

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9. Tinder

Tinder dating appTinder is much more than a dating app you can use to meet new people and expand your social circle. It’s a location-based social search application that helps you locate any local person you could have known based on your home country while you are travelling.

Its a very simple application, if you like someone’s’ profile, just hit like for that profile, and if the same person reverts with a leak, it’s a match! Simply Amazing!

You can connect to a single person, or to a group as well that interests you.

10. AliExpress

AliExpress Shopping App for OnePlus 3AliExpress is an amazing shopping application. You can look for anything via using this app from the latest gadgets to clothing, Home Decors to Car Accessories and much more. It offers International delivery of your chosen products, and delivery is available in most of the countries.

There is free delivery available on 75% of the total products available in here. This app supports many languages such as English, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, and many more.

11. SwiftKey Keyboard

swiftkey keyboardSwiftKey Keyboard adds a style to your messages and also eases typing a bit for you and reduce your effort.

This app uses Artificial Intelligence to update as per your typing style like emojis you usually use and also words you generally use in your text. SwiftKey utilizes an auto correct feature in reality that is adapted to your typing style.

This also offers various themes, designs, and colors to make it look as per your choice and preference. Using this app, you will actually feel that you are typing faster. It will also ask for an access to your existing text messages to adapt itself as per your typing style.

12. Flow Home

Flow home launcher, one plus 3Would you like you make your home screen more intuitive and easily accessible, then Flow Home could be the perfect option for you. The main difference it adds up to your Hone Screen has it replaced the icons on your screen.

Like, it can show your photos on Instagram, latest news updates from Feedly, Text messages and much more.

And if there is something you want to keep secure into a folder and doesn’t want it to directly show up on your Home Screen, then you can choose an icon which will be available on bottom right corner of your screen, and can access the required application on your phone.

PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android

13. PPSSPP Emulator

For all PSP game lovers, I am sure that this will be your favorite app on this list. PPSSPP is the only available emulator to allow you to play your favorite PSP game on your Android phone. One can play almost all PSP games using this emulator, but the speed will depend upon your device’s power. Therefore, more powerful device would make more fun.

With installation of this app, you will not be getting any game along with this. You need to add your own PSP game, and convert it into .iso or .cso files.

Games such as God of War, Dragon Ball series, Naruto, etc., are available, and playable in good FPS. Follow our guides below:

14. Prisma

Prisma photo editing app for galaxy s6Prisma is a different kind of photo editing app that transforms your simple yet beautiful images into an art. There are various options available in this app, that lets you convert your picture in any artwork based on work done by famous artists like Picasso as well.

It helps you convert your pictures into world famous art or into something you like, a beautiful moment captured on camera by a famous photographer. Go Vintage, be bold, be subtle or anything you like with this app.

It’s different from the apps we usually use, and artistic.

15. Blue Mail

 Blue Mail - Email Mailbox.BlueMail is a very useful application that can help you in managing your various email accounts in our phone. As we all know that we can only get logged into a single mail account on our phone at one time.

So, if an Email which has been sent to you on any of your other Email address, you can only get to know about that once you login to that account.

Bluemail helps you sort such things in a peaceful way. You can add any number of Email account via BlueMail from different Email providers like Yahoo, Gmail etc.

This app allows you to set customized notification type associated with each of your Email address, like you can set different alert tones for each email you receive from different Email accounts of yours, or vibrate, snooze, LED flash or any other alert type.

It’s a simple, useful, intuitive and beautiful application you can install on your phone.

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16. Google Now Launcher

Google Now LauncherThere are various launchers available today, and here we have Google Now Launcher app for your phone. This app adds Google Now on the home screen of your phone, and by just saying ‘OK Google!’, you can instruct your phone to do anything, from sending a simple text message, update any app, search for an application, surf for some information on the Internet and many more things.

It’s one of the most simple and amazingly useful application that reduces an effort from your part.

17. Zedge

Zedge Free download on AndroidZedge application helps with some basic requirements of our phone, It offers you with ringtones, notification sounds, and wallpapers. The best thing is that every wallpaper or ringtone selected by you will be totally compatible with your phone.

With this app, it will only show those things which are compatible with your phone, so that you don’t have to apply any settings to make it compatible for your phone.

We can understand that this app fulfills one of the most basic requirements of our phone, but this still useful, as few of are so precise, that we only like a type of ringtone we like or a wallpaper which soothes our eyelids, these simple requirements could be important for a few of us.

18. Opera

Opera is a web browser you can try instead of using your default web browser on your phone. This not only helps with displaying your requested web pages, it also helps with added features like data saving, time-saving, video compression, smart news feeds and much more.

Opera also allows you to add your requested web page directly on your home screen for faster access. This also saves up your data by blocking unwanted ads on web browser.

It has a sleek look, which results in convenient reading of content along with force zoom feature for better clarity while reading.

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19. Flipboard

Flipboard app for oneplus 3tIf you do have interest in stories from all around the world, then you can try Flipboard, Whichever your interest is, Flipboard gathers any news, or stories related to your favorite topic and get it available in a single place. You can create your very own magazine with every news, or related conversation.

You can also get connected to other people who at same interest or passion like you. By that, you can see if anyone of them has liked any new post or story associated with your common favorite topic.

20. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

There is always a risk associated when we use our phone and indulge in our day to data tasks like going through latest news, ordering some groceries, chatting with friends and much more.

There can also be some annoying pop-up ads while surfing internet. All this can be sorted and taken care by Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus.

And as always, have our Email, or social networking profiles such as Facebook, always logged in on our mobiles, this security app saves us from any phishing attack as well.

It also has some added features like Call Blocker, App Blocker, Junk Cleaner, and lots of more fun features which are helpful for the overall security of your phone.

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The above list of 20 best apps for your OnePlus 3 and 3T and will be helpful some features or services you can get from this phone. And if you also have any suggestion about any application you think might be useful with phone, please do share with us, we will be glad to share that and include it in our list for our other readers.

We await your comments, and recommendations/favorite ones!

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