Get Opera Max App to reduce Internet Data usage by 50%

What makes Android smartphones so special? May be this question can be answered in many ways. Not only Android based smart phone brought a completely different way to use smart phone, it also shown how effectively one can consume other resources. Of course, the internet browsing experience is much better, and reliable than what we used to get in our old phones. In current days, most of smartphone users are using internet regularly, and spent most of the data while surfing, and watching videos online.

The increase in high demand, and consumption of internet data has already been suffering from inflation in their prices, and most of us do cares about it. The most appropriate way to save the internet data is to use it less as possible. But who would prefer doing it, we use internet for our entertainment, knowledge and much more reasons, we cannot simply use it less to control the consumption, and usage.

Opera Software ASA  team, who has distributed a free application to control your internet usage without interrupting, or limiting you to use the internet. The name of application is Opera Max, current the app is in under beta stage, but still it works very good, and effectively save the internet data usage.  The application is available for free in Google Play store, and works with Android 4.0 and up based devices.

Opera Max – Get it On Google Play Store

How Opera Max worksOpera Max

The working of this app is very simply, it will compress all web data that your phone receives by creating a new VPN connection to its servers. So all the data your phone receive will be coming from their own servers, not directly from the actual sites. Simply, they sent you the compress data through their servers.

The compression is not limited to text, and images, it also compress the videos. So you’ll be enjoy long, and heavy videos with low buffer, and without consuming that much data. It significantly reduces the data size in all aspects. Next time, whenever you launch chrome or other app, make sure to turn on the Opera Max app before it. Additionally, all the information possessed by Opera Max, goes under high-end encryption, for user personal security.

This app works with few major applications such as chrome browser (Android), Vimeo, Opera browser, and few more. I hope your favorite internet browser would be there. Once you install this app on your device, let it all on it. From the day you start using, you see a big difference in your data usage. So, this app is very essential , and good opportunity to save your internet data usages, and of course bills too.

Get this app soon, currently it is free because it’s in beta stage but it is being supposed that it would be a paid app after its complete release.  Save data to save money! Moreover, if you’re looking for some performance upgrades for a rooted device then go through a list of powerful root apps to improve performance.

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