How to Write a 5+ Essay Using Apps

You have an app for everything today. You rely on an application to book hotels, pay rent, watch movies, and hire a cab. 

Students can also use educational and learning apps to boost their academic performance. You can buy papers online on an app for your college in a safe way at a cheap price. No effort is required to buy essays. Buying is best to save time. However, you are dependent on the human factor throughout the process when you buy an essay or order an essay paper. 

An alternative approach is to use an app to write a 5+ essay. How do you make it possible? Below are a few insights.

Understand Your Topic

Develop a deep understanding of your topic. Identify the primary area where you need to focus. Additionally, find out any additional requirements or instructions you need to follow. 

You can use Google or Bing to understand your assignment. A simple search can provide you with helpful information and insights. It is also possible to generate a direction for your writing. 

Conduct Research

Research is crucial if you want to write an A+ paper. Your research can help you create an in-depth project and stand out from other students. Several applications can help you in your research. You can try Google Scholar for free to discover scholarly articles. 

There are also dedicated mobile apps to navigate the sea of journals and papers. You can enter a topic or keyword to generate instant results. These tools ensure the information is from academic sources and is reliable. 

Make a note of the resources you aim to utilize in your essay paper. You can refer to this list anytime you need when you write your topic. Gather as much information as you need to create a detailed article.

Develop an Outline

An outline can help you get a clear direction for your project. It can help you focus on the vital aspects you want to cover in your paper. Most importantly, an outline helps you prevent missing out on the details. 

You can rely on an application like ChatGPT to create an outline for free. Otherwise, you can try the new Bing incorporating an AI chat feature. It is possible to refine your outline by using a prompt. You can omit or add information and sections based on your understanding. 

Moreover, students should refine the outline based on information from research. You should account for any special requirements told by your professors. 

Select a Writing App

You don’t have to worry about a writing tool when you purchase essay. However, it is a must when you take things into your own hands. 

Choose a writing program based on your preferences. Some popular options include Microsoft Word and Google Docs. 

Using a free app like Google Docs is possible without paying anything. Your college or university can also provide you with resources to do online homework

Focus on the following when selecting a writing application:

  • Intuitive navigation
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Auto-save feature
  • Easy sharing options

Write Your Paper

Now comes the time to write your article. You have an idea of what you want to cover based on your research and outline. Starting with the body of your essay is a recommended approach. Leave the introduction for the last. You will have a better idea of what to write as you know what you have written. 

Students may take the help of AI writing tools to generate text. However, directly copying the text mindlessly is not a good idea. Use AI text as inspiration and write in your own words. Incorporate your thoughts and insights to make your assignment unique. 

Additionally, incorporate insights from your research. Back up your claims with evidence and provide citations if necessary.

Introduction and Conclusion

Write a solid conclusion after you complete the body of your paper. You may want to summarize what you wrote in the body. Do not add any new information or evidence in the conclusion.

You can then write the introduction to hook readers and attract attention. Provide a context on what you will cover in your essay paper. Additionally, include your thesis statement or question in the introduction. Give a gist of the argument you will cover in the body.

Revise and Edit Your Essay

Revise your essay to see if you have covered everything. You should also check if your writing is coherent and consistent. Refer to the outline to see if you should include any new information. Additionally, you can omit information that you feel doesn’t add value. 

You should also check if your essay follows the intended structure. Each paragraph should add to the overall argument or help you build your thesis. Ensure you have included a bibliography or a list of resources. Most colleges and universities will have this requirement. 

Some professors also ask you to include in-text citations. You can use an app like Google Scholar to generate citations automatically. 

Stick to the format prescribed by your college or university. The standard formats include APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. 

Check for Plagiarism

Writing platforms perform plagiarism checks when you buy an essay. It ensures your work is original and does not contain any unauthorized ideas or copied text. 

You should also run your assignment through a plagiarism check. There are several apps online that help you establish the authenticity of your text. This tool will show in percentage how much of your text is plagiarized. Aim to score lower than 5%. If you get plagiarism warnings, you should rephrase your text or replace it with another idea. 

Proofread Your Text

Now comes the turn to proofread your essay. You should check your text for any spelling and grammatical errors. It is necessary to read through the text attentively to spot any errors. 

You can also use an app to proofread your paper: 

  • Grammarly: Grammarly offers a free version, allowing you to rectify all grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Hemingway Editor: Hemingway Editor helps you improve your writing by highlighting complex sentences and suggesting simplifications.
  • ProWritingAid: ProWritingAid provides comprehensive feedback on your writing, helping you optimize it for clarity, style, and correctness.

Proofreading tools can help you make your text concise, improve the flow, and remove redundant words. It is mandatory to submit error-free work to your college or university. 

Seek Feedback

Feedback from peers and teachers can help you improve the quality of your article. You can forward your work to your friends and ask them to provide feedback. A new set of eyes can catch errors or areas of improvement quickly. 

Assess the feedback you get and determine what you need to improve. You may also be able to seek feedback from professors if they allow you to submit a draft. 

Your teachers’ suggestions can help you improve your project to earn deserving grades.

Use Technology to Write Like a Pro

Technology is a boon to students. Several apps can help them write a 5+ essay. Follow our insights and research deeply to craft an outstanding paper. You can rely on technology to write, generate outlines, and create citations. It is also possible to write using an app. Apps can also help you perform plagiarism checks and proofread your work.

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