How to watch 3D animals on Google for Halloween

Do you remember the 3D tigers, bears, crocodiles, and other animals that Google introduced during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic? Since then, the company has repeatedly expanded its range of AR-figures, replenishing it with either new animals, including fossils, or molecules, or space and celestial bodies. In this guide, we’ll help you watch 3D animals on Google Search for this Halloween, that should surprise you!

But today, Google has decided to do a little conjuncture and presented a series of models in augmented reality in honor of the upcoming Halloween, which has long turned from a local history into an international holiday.

The new batch of AR-figures includes not only animals, although they also could not do without them, but also attributes characteristic of the celebration of Halloween. If you like Google tricks, you should visit our list of best Google Gravity tips and tricks that you can try here. Here are all the models that have appeared on Google from today:

What animals are on Google for Halloween

  • Lantern carved from pumpkin;
  • Dancing Skeleton;
  • Soaring ghost;
  • Black cat with a hat;
  • Pirate dog;
  • Hot dog;

How to watch Halloween 3D figures on Google

Since these shapes only appeared on Google tonight, it’s possible that you won’t be able to call them right now. Perhaps this is due to the regional or hardware limitations of your device, or, perhaps, to the operation of the cache, because of which AR models may simply not work right away. However, I tested them personally and I managed to call everyone. So be sure to try it.

  1. To summon AR models for Halloween, open Google in Chrome on your smartphone;
  2. Fill in the required query in the search, for example, black cat;
  3. In the search results, select “View in 3D“;
How to watch 3D animals on Google for Halloween
  1. Then click “View in your space” and roll your smartphone over the floor so that it reads it and places the object in your room.

Watch a ghost in augmented reality on Google

This time, Google did the right thing and added all of the remaining AR models from the Halloween series right into the interface of each model. That is, now you do not have to go through the English and Russian names to find the desired object. It will be enough just to open the list by swiping up and activate the shape that you like.

Watch a ghost in augmented reality on Google

In addition to the amusing external performance, the challenge of each figure is accompanied by the reproduction of a characteristic musical theme. It sounds very appropriate here, emphasizing the solemnity and eerieness of the moment. In addition, each model can produce its own sounds. The dog barks, the cat meows, and the ghost howls ominously (after all, what else should a ghost do?).

Why 3D Animals Don’t Work on Google

Since all the figures are based on augmented reality, some users may not be able to see them in all their glory in their room due to the limitations of their devices. The fact is that in smartphones based on Android, the ARCore toolset is responsible for processing augmented reality.

However, not all devices support it, even new ones. For example, most modern Huawei devices are not friends with ARCore and therefore get ready for the fact that you will not be able to summon Halloween figures.

How to install ARCore on any Android

However, you can try to install ARCore forcibly:

  1. Go to “Settings” and enable download from unknown sources;
  2. Open this link from your smartphone and download the TangoCore app;
  3. Then follow this link and download the HelloAR app;
  4. Install both applications and give them the necessary privileges.

After you complete all the installation manipulations, you do not have to take additional measures to activate augmented reality. Due to the fact that ARCore is a passive mechanism, the best way to test its functionality is to try running something in AR on the device. And since we are talking 3D animals, there can be no better contender for verification.

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