Flip A Coin — A Google Trick That You Must Try

They always say the best way to settle something is to ‘flip a coin’. A coin flip has always helped just about anyone who’s tried to come to an agreement with someone they’re in any form of dispute with. And at this day and age, when everyone has a laptop or a smartphone —but not a single quarter in their pocket —the best way to settle things is to flip a coin with Google!

You’ve seen Google tricks that make your screen ‘Do a Barrel Roll’, or let you play a quick ‘Pacman’ game, and even animate the Google logo; but now, Google brings you back to basics and lets you ‘flip a coin’.

Whatever dilemma you’d need to flip a coin for (i.e.: flip a coin for where to eat on your lunch break, flip a coin for where to go for the weekend, flip a coin for what to watch on your next sleepover, or flip a coin for what pair of shoes to wear on your night out with friends), Google tricks to let you coin flip to help you settle in!

Make Google ‘Flip A Coin’

So how do you ‘flip a coin’ in Google? Easy, just type in ‘flip a coin’ via your Google search bar and watch the search engine give you an automated coin flip. And in just a matter of seconds or even milliseconds, you’ll get your result.

Flip A Coin — A Google Trick That You Must Try

Call it an unfair ‘coin flip’, but Google tricks like ‘flip a coin’ just makes our lives more convenient. Who’ll complain when you don’t have to search deep into your pockets—or purses for the ladies —for that single coin to ‘coin flip’?

Flip A Coin Via Voice Prompt

For mobile gadgets, you need not have to type ‘flip a coin’ or ‘coin flip’ anymore! If your phone has a voice support system, then all you need is to ask your phone to ‘flip a coin’ or do a ‘coin flip’ for you. Google tricks can sometimes, seem useless until you need a coin flip to settle that lingering dilemma of yours.

‘Roll A Die’ With Google

And to make things even more interesting, new Google tricks have been designed to give you more reasons to visit the search engine —enter, Roll A Die! Lost your die for that favorite board game of yours? Well, don’t fret because Google Tricks has got you covered with its ‘roll a die’ search result.

Try roll a die, a google trick

It just takes the same easy step as you do with ‘flip a coin’. So whether you’ll need to ‘flip a coin’ or ‘roll a die’ in the future, you won’t have any reason not to because all you need is your mobile gadget to settle that little problem of yours.

Google tricks like ‘flip a coin’ is just the best way to make the seemingly mundane search engine more amazing. Google has amazed us with having all the answers to our daily queries, to the point where we actually use ‘Ask Google’ as an expression when someone asks us something that’s far from our intellectual purview. And now, you’ll really never run out of reasons to visit Google with Google tricks like ‘flip a coin’.

Tap on I'm feeling luck for Flip A Coin Google Trick

I’m Feeling Lucky

That’s not the end. This trick, Flip A Coin has one more thing that gonna amaze you. The above method explains that we type this term and hit this search button. But what happens when hitting the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button instead of “Search”? Well, before we explain to you, see the result that comes out when we do that:

Just Flip A Coin Google Tricks

This happens because this website/project: has been accepted by Google as one of the fun experiments, that can be performed using Google Search. There are many more Google Tricks that you could learn using the below resource:

  • Best Google Gravity TricksIn this guide, we explain different Google tricks including Google Gravity, Anti-Gravity, Space, Sphere, Underground Water, and so on. So, must check this guide.


So next time you need to flip a coin to choose between which burger joint to eat at; or flip a coin to know which one really has the best hair today; or even, flip a coin which one takes the last piece of pizza; Google tricks like flip a coin, or coin flip, and roll a die can surely help you with that!

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