How to enter Download Mode In Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

If you are looking to update your Galaxy S6 or install Android updates manually, then you sure need to boot your device to Download Mode, as this mode will be very first to step to go ahead and install updates. In this post, we have mentioned a very simple method to boot your Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge to download mode.

If you are looking to reboot your Galaxy S6 to download mode, then you’ve comes to right place, we have mentioned very easy to follow steps to get into download mode within few seconds. Download mode sometimes becomes necessary, for an instance you need to install updates or Rom manually.

There are several ways, in which one can boot the device to download mode, here we have mentioned two of them, one is through hardware key combination and through dedicated application. So let move on to steps,

Enter Download Mode In Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

⇒ Through Hardware Key combination

  1. Turn off your handset through pressing power button and selecting “power off”.
  2. Wait at-least 3 -5 seconds.
  3. Now, press and hold the Power, Volume Down and Home buttons together on your device and keep them pressed.
  4. Keep them pressed until download mode is displayed.

Your phone has been successfully entered to Download mode, now you can install updates on it and do more with it.

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⇒ Though Dedicated App – Quick boot

Alternatively, you can use Quick boot app to enter into download mode. You only need to download this app from Google app store, run it and select the download mode.

Apart from download mode, this app has sever more options to serve you, you can use it boot into recovery mode, fastboot mode etc., Look for this app on Google Play store.

So this is how you can boot your Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge to download mode. If you are a game addict just like me, feel free to have look on our → handpicked games collection for Galaxy S6.

Also, don’t forget to install Antivirus app on your handset as it would provide you complete safety to you, visit our list of → best Antivirus apps to get one for you.

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