Top 10 Games for Samsung Galaxy S6, only console quality games!

Samsung Galaxy S6/ has been powered with Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57 processors and Mali-T760MP8 graphic chip which makes it best gaming console along with smart phone as well. That simply means that you can have excellent gaming experience on this powerful device and here we present some of best games for Galaxy S6, to enjoy it in best way.

Here we have mentioned some of the most popular Android games for Galaxy S6 having excellent graphics details, full of actions, adventure and fun. If you have Galaxy S5, you must visit our → list of games for it. This list covers games from different genres such Racing games, Action, Adventure, FPS, RPG etc, that simply means for you’ll find good one or more for you.

Lets go ahead and start our list of best games for Galaxy S6,

Top 10 Games for Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Its my all time favorite racing game as it runs pretty well on my Moto G (first generation). Everything is awesome about this racing game, its graphics, gameplay, cars, tracks and all. And its available for free on Google Play store, which makes it exceptionally good. And if you’re looking for something alternate to it, the madalin stunt cars 3 is what you should check next. This is really good game, we can difinitely tell that you’ll like it too!

Get it on → Google Playstore.

2. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Its one of best FPS game out there. Get into the battlefield with your own blessed with tons of Ammunition and weapons. Also, this game would be best to check out device capabilities as this game requires high-end hardware to run smoothly and definitely you would like this game on your handset.

I highly recommended to play this game!

Get it on → Google Playstore.

3. Tai chi Panda

Tai chi Panda, a RPG game, produced and distributed by Snail Games USA. Fight against to demons with your magics and weapons and lots more. Currently, the games is being one of most popular RPG and more than 500,000 installs have been done so far.

Overall, the game is very pretty, full of colors, detailed graphic, actions, special attacks, weapons and much more makes it a best RPG have good storyline as well. It’s completely free to download.

Get it on → Google Playstore.

4. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

Since launched, N.O.V.A. 3 has been on the top and still the spot is reserved. Really, the games has been designed so good, each and every object has been filled with detailed graphics, gameplay is awesome, weapons, locations, fields, etc., are very good. Apart from gameplay and looks, an addictive storyline is there as well.

However, on my handset moto g, it didn’t work so well. There were some lags and low fps.

Get it on → Google Playstore.


No doubts that this games is very gorgeous, navigate through maze of obstacles coming in your way through scrolling screen and if one fall behind the scroll, it would be end of your journey.

The creativity behind this game is graceful and surely it is undeniable that its one of most beautiful and cute game also.

Get it on → Google Playstore.

6. God of War : Ghost of Sparta, Chains of Olympus – PSP games

Yes, for sure you can play these PSP games on your device too. To run them, you need an emulator that is PPSSPP, the emulator is available in free version with no restrictions or any limitation. Most probably, you’ve already heard about these games, God of War series has been most popular games for Sony’s play-stations, PS2,PSP, PS3,4.

Just get the game image file from your friend, or get from Internet, then load it in PPSSPP Emulator and enjoy these games on your Galaxy S6.

Also visit our: list of → best PPSSPP games and learn how to set this → emulator for best performance.

7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

An excellent game, I used to play it on my PC. At that time, I used to be addictive for GTA series. As Samsung galaxy s6 has been loaded with sold hardware, you would be able to run this game on highest settings without any problem and you’ll enjoy it too.

Get it on → Google Playstore.

Assassin's Creed Pirates8. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

With outstanding visuals and sounds, this game is solidly a one best entertainment you can have on your Galaxy S6. Get into the age of golden piracy, learn lots of pirates techniques, travel through boats, search for treasures, lost files and much more fun waiting you.

Get it on → Google Playstore.

9. Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG

Another graphically dense RPG with completely 3D game play,  with an addictive story line, and console like quality, make this games one of best RPG game available on Android market. Many unique enemies to take down with various weapon types such as Bows, Crossbows, Hammers, Swords and Axes. Get First Person and 3rd Person on the fly switching, it would be great fun.

Get it on → Google Playstore.

10. Need for Speed™ No Limits

Recently launched, Need for Speed™ No Limits has been bundled with tons of new cars, tracks and combined with awesome game play. Graphics and visual are very impressive. Make your ride stand out with over 250 million combinations of parts, including the latest licensed body kits from Rocket Bunny, Mad Mike, and Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Get it on → Google Playstore.

It end our list of best games for galaxy s6. Of-course there are tons of more options. I hope you guys like our this list. Share, comment and bring your favourite game on this list.

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  1. Galaxy S6 and Note 5 are now best gadgets and playing games on them are really best idea. There are many games to enjoy on them in HD quality.

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