The most common mistakes by Android users

Smartphone are now everywhere- from a noob to a pro, everyone own one and they use it to the ebst of their knowledge. But there are some problems or rather misconceptions that are so common that many don’t even know if they are even using their phone the wrong way.  Here we will address some of those mistakes and what to do instead.

Charging Cycles

Here is what a typical charging scenario looks like- Your phone goes low on battery and you see alert about dying battery- You turn on power saving mode- Your battery gets some additional life- in those dying moments you either manage to successfully put your phone on charging or your mobile gives up and switches off- finally after a long day of struggling with the battery, you charge your phone overnight and get back to the next day with a fully charged phone.

Now, let me highlight all the mistakes in this scenario

  1. Low battery alert

Over a period of time we have become so used to the low battery alert that we don’ care otherwise about the battery consumption. It is always good to be mindful of your battery consumption and turn on the power saving mode when you the battery running fast- even though it may not be a low battery yet.

2. Overnight charging

There is not be direct adverse impact of overcharging the phone because the smartphones use the trigger of 100% charge to stop charging themselves. But doing the same on a regular basis will definitely reduce the life of your battery.

It is always best to keep your phone intermittently charged using small burst of charges rather than full cycles which go all the way from 0% – 100%


Many users are lured into buying cheap and duplicate accessories like charges, earphones, batteries which takes a toll on the hardware of the Smartphone. The authentic accessories cost more than any other variant, but they cost so for a reason. They have been tested carefully to make sure that they don’t cause any damage whatsoever to your mobile. Use only the authentic accessories- preferably from the same manufacturer as your device. If you decide go with accessories from a different manufacturer make sure you are using the known brands and are sure of their quality.


Widgets are either over used or under used by many android users. It is important to find that sweet spot where you have the right widgets which improve efficiency – like having a weather widgets. You should not be spending two minutes just to check the weather outside. At the same time it is very amateurish to full all the pages of the home screen with every widget available. Widgets are updated every time user press the home key. So this leads to a slow and poor performance from your smartphone.

Downloading any app that pops up in ad

I cannot warn you enough about this. I have nothing against Digital Marketing but this tool has been severely abused by the marketeers. As a result, all kinds of apps popup as ads on other apps- As a result, I have one thumb rule- Never download any app that comes as a popup in the ad. When you need app for anything, google it or ask us(even better :)) These two places will give you authentic advice rather than going by enticing taglines.

Memory management

We have a detailed article on that one here

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  1. That is a bunch of bull about accessories have to be same or well known accessories, or damage can happen to your device! HORSE PUCKY! I have always used cheap products on all my expensive devices and I still have them all. Never a problem. I still have my HTC G1, the very first android device! Don’t believe this tripe. If it fits, use it!

      1. No, he doesn’t have To “Settle Down.” He’s given good, solid Information. So back off buddy, He’s helpful. Now YOU Go away!

    1. Alot of those like the wall chargers charge at different volts and amps than your phone is meant to most android phones charging amps are between .5 and 1 but most are not the same charging your pbone on a cigarette lighter adapter that fits your phone but was too cheap to say that its for an iphone on it will eventually leave u with a battery ready to explode i bet u go through phones fast

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