Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy J [How to]

If you are using Android smartphone then you must know about recovery mode and how to enter into it. Recovery mode gives a comprehensive list of options to control device more conveniently, important options such as wiping device’s memory for soft / hard reset, Rom/installation to enjoy the goodness of custom Roms and specially made mods to increase device’s functionality and much more!

Having Samsung Galaxy J and looking to go into recovery mode? Here we are help you to do that! Just keep on reading to do that. You can go into recovery mode in Galaxy J in many ways such as using Key Combination, using dedicated (root needed) or through ADB commends! Here we’ll help with most easy way, that is through Key combination.

Just with few steps, one can boot Samsung Galaxy J into recovery mode. Let’s go ahead and do it!

Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy J

Step 1 – Turn off your phone. Press and Hold the power button and select “power off” to switch it off.

Step 2 – Now Press and Hold Volume Up + Home + Power  buttons all together.

Step 3 – Keep on pressing these buttons until you get a redirect to your new screen, Recovery mode!

Step 4 – Use Volume Up and Down buttons to Navigate into recovery mode and home button to select, confirm, and perform listed tasks.

Step 5 – To get out from recovery option, from menu select “reboot system now”

Step 6 – Now your phone will turn off and restart normally and take your to your home screen!

Bingo! Now you know how to enter recovery mode on Galaxy J and how to use it, navigate, select, perform task etc. Chill out with this mode. Using it you can install latest Roms, mods, and would be good use to perform soft/hard reset in case of brick condition. Performing soft/hard reset could help you to bring your device to working again.

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