7 Tips to Maximize the Performance of the Battery of Your Android Smartphone

Slow charging, battery drainage, and system hogging app are only a few of the many problems that you can experience with the Android phones that give you a low battery output. So, here, in this quick guide, we have come up with some of the worst problems related to your Android phone’s battery. Towards the end of every problem, there’s a solution to help you through.

1. Power Hungry Apps

Kylie, who works with a website that writes essays for you, says that to locate the problem, you need to understand and know the behavior of your phone’s battery. So, to find out what’s making your battery drain so fast, you have to go to the Settings tab in your phone and head to the battery option.

There you can find a list of all the apps on your phone. From this, look for the apps that are consuming maximum battery. Now, do you really need these apps? See, if you get rid of these apps, your battery life can go back to normal. So, it isn’t a bad bargain.  

2. Try replacing the battery

If you have an old smartphone that you bought a couple of months back, then the battery of the phone may be only dying its natural death. If that’s happening, you should consider changing your battery. Most phone manufacturers say that the battery of the phone should be at its most optimal level until 1000 charges. This number, however, depends on a multitude of other factors, So, there’s no definite assurance on it.

So, anyone who owns a smartphone that comes with a removable battery, can go ahead and buy a new battery. However, the concept of a removable battery is getting slightly older, and today a lot of smartphones come with a non-removable battery. Technically, even this battery is removable, but for this, you will have to open your phone apart. If you do that, the warranty of your smartphone will get void.  

3. The charger isn’t working

Harvey, who offers online statistics homework help, says that the other day he put his phone on charge over-night. Despite this, the next day the entire battery drained in a matter of just 2 hours. Then, the following night he did the same thing, but now he checked his battery level in the morning, only to find that irrespective of overnight charging, the battery wasn’t charged 100%.

If something like this has happened to you as well, then you are probably using a defective charger. Now, the problem could either be in the adaptor or in the cable. So, trying replacing the wire and using the old adaptor, if it works, the wire is the problem. If not, do vice versa. If your old charger is optimally charging some other phone, then there could be a problem with your charging port. Also, whenever you buy a new charger, always shop from a reputable manufacture. 

4. Battery drainage by Google Play Services

You might not know, but your Google Play Services consumes a lot of battery. However, since it is a key feature of your Android phone, you cannot do anything about it. Via this feature, the apps on your phone communicate with one another. So, what do you do? Fret not. There is still a way to keep it under check.

For this, you’ll have to head to the Settings menu, under this head, go to applications, and tap on all and from there select the Google Play Services. Herein, you’ll have to select the clear cache option. With that, all the battery draining will stop. Don’t forget to repeat this, every once a month. 

5. Turn off the auto-brightness

James, who offers online assignment help Australia, says that when you set the brightness level according to your requirement, it will have a definite impact on your battery life. With the Android phones, it is easy to change the brightness settings, and you can do it with a simple downward swipe. 

6. Reduce the display time

We all know that the biggest source of the battery drainage on your phone is the display. So, you have to be very careful with the sleep setting or the screen timeout option. It will determine how long your screen will be unlocked even after it is not engaged.

If your screen doesn’t get locked when you aren’t using it, it might drain all your battery life. You can set your screen timeout to the lowest value that you deem fit. 

7. Keep a check on the background apps and the widgets

Steve, who offers the best machine learning course online, says that the widgets and the background apps in your phone are the silent cold killers of your battery life. They will drain the battery even when nothing is happening.

You might think that running the weather app in the background wouldn’t tamper with your battery life, but you are wrong. Set the frequency of how often you want your apps to update. The more you update them, the more they’ll drain your battery life. 

So, these are the top reasons for a quick draining of your battery life and their easy solutions.

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