5 Best Custom Roms for Nexus 6P – Fast and Stable Roms!

The recently launched smart phone Nexus 6P became one of most talked device this year and also it is considered as a strong member in the list of best smartphones in year 2015 ( via International Business Times). It is another Google’s flagship handset powered with latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system along with hardware specification that makes it most powerful handset this year and there are lots of things we could say about it and here we have list of best custom Roms for Nexus 6P in this post.

Being that much popular, it becomes very easy to get custom Roms and to make that work more simpler to you, we have this list of best Custom Roms for Nexus 6P, those you could install and make your device more personalized and convenient.

Based on the users interest and popularity, we have gathered these Roms and very exiting to share them with you and we hope you’d like them as well. As soon the new updates and Roms get rolled, we’ll update this list.

Also, we would love to hear from, don’t forget to share your favorite Rom you are using/used on Huawei Nexus 6P. Let’s get started with the list of the Roms,

List of best Custom Roms for Nexus 6P

1. Pure Nexus Project

The Pure Nexus Project is one of best Custom Roms for Nexus 6P. Firstly as it based on official Android firmware, so you’ll be having complete pure Android experience with this Rom along with tons of tweaks and firmware optimization that you won’t get on stock firmware. Most importantly, it comes with a Settings panel called,  PureNexus Settings. It has bunch of options to customize your Nexus 6P most conveniently and give a personal touch to it.

In spite of having lots of customization features and comprehensive performance, The Pure Nexus Project Rom still remains quite lite and saves storage. The list of complete feature is quite big and you can read more about this Rom over link mentioned below.

Read more about Pure Nexus Project Rom  from →here.

Also see:

2. Chroma Rom

It is a very clean custom Rom distributed on XDA Forum by zephiK, Recognized Developer. Just like Pure Nexus, it is based on Android Open Source Project and comes with many tweaks and additional benefits such as improved battery life, stability like a stock and better performance. It is quite obvious if you using a custom Rom, it would allow you to customize your device in your own way.

For customization purpose, it comes with  Layers support that helps to customize most of the user interface sections in a very simple manner. You could customize Status Bar, Navigation bar, Lock screen, power menu etc,. within few taps.

Simply we could call it as simple as Google’s stock firmware with extra ordinary features over it.

Read more about Chroma Rom from →here.

N6PanglerM Rom for Nexus 6p

3. N6PanglerM

It is based on Google’s official Android 6.0 Marshmallow MDB08M odexed factory image. Very stable, simple and performance driven Rom and most importantly it comes with Aroma installer! For basic or ordinary users, this would be very unknown.

Basically, Aroma installer offers ability to set up the Android device’s Rom as per user desire. That means, you could customize your installation process and choose particular mods/tweaks/applications which you think should be installed or not.

Like at the time of installation, you could choose applications and mods which likely to be installed and not. If you’d like to read more about Aroma installer then you must consider to visit here.

Read more about N6PanglerM Rom from →here.

Digitalhigh 6P ROM

4. Digitalhigh 6P ROM

Another exotic custom Rom available for Nexus 6p device comes with attractive features and tweaks. it is also based on latest MDB08M release and just like N6PanglerM Rom it additionally comes with Aroma Installer that will help with reliable installation. Apart the common features, it also comes with Xposed Installer and most popular Xposed Modules such as,

  •  GravityBox
  • CrappLinks (Block link redirects in forum apps
  • Youtube Ad Away
  • MinMin Ad Blocker
  • Sensify (Custom Xposed module for ROM)

For better sound, this Rom has been blessed with Viper4Android Audio FX mod and enabled with multi-window mode.

Read more about Digitalhigh Rom from →here.

5. Minimal OS for Nexus 6P

If you would prefer a minimal Rom instead a bulky one with tons of applications and features. With simplicity, Minimal OS Rom for Nexus 6P is loaded with good number of customization features and advance options such as Quick settings, Layers 4.0 support for UI customization purpose, Advance reboot etc.

It has been very well tweaked for better RAM usage that outcomes better performance and long battery life. It is comparatively very lite as many bloatwares has been removed and overall it has good impact over the performance of the device.

Read more about Minimal OS for Nexus 6P Rom from →here.

The list does not ends here, you could find more new and updated Roms for Huawei Nexus 6P here. So it ends our list of best custom Roms available for Nexus 6P and we would appreciate your feedback on this list very much and do not forget to share your favorite one!

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