How to Enable Developer options on Moto G Turbo Edition

Now a days it is very common to see people using Motorola’s smartphones, since they have brought Moto E, G and X, they have become one of best contender in list of top smartphones makers. It is just about two weeks when I purchased this new handset, Moto G Turbo Edition and it has pleased me very well. In terms of performance it is much better than Moto G 3rd Edition as it has 8 cores processor and better Gpu chip. In this tutorial, I’ll share some simple steps that enable Developer options on Moto G Turbo Edition.

Developers option plays very important role in Android development and file sharing context.  These are the steps to enable Developer options on Moto G Turbo Edition and in the end we’ll also show you can disable it. Also the main usage for an ordinary Android user it to enable USB debugging using through developers option. Once we enable the USB debugging, we’ll be able to use our Android device as mass storage device too.

Basically the Developer options have many advantages and there is no cons either. Requirements: Well there is nothing you need except your Moto G Turbo Edition device. Once you get your hands on the Developer options, you’ll have access to it’s core functionality. Using that, you can easily customize your phone for better performance in all aspects.

Though, you’ll have to learn more about the Developer Options before you get used to of it. The more you research, more you’ll learn. Since, this features comes hidden in the operating system, accessing it doesn’t hurt the warranty of the phone in many manner. Neither, it doesn’t touch the other aspects.

However, as it has extensively powerful features, which are supposed to be accessed by developers, you should use it wisely. Don’t use them unknowingly. Though, they won’t hurt your phone, but it can impact the user experience. Now, lets learn how to enable Developer Options on  Moto G Turbo Edition.

Enable Developer options on Moto G Turbo Edition

1. Launch the ‘Settings‘ in your device.Apps Menu

2. Under settings, head onto ‘About phone‘ option and tap on it.

About phone

3. Under About phone, scroll down to bottom and tap on ‘Build number‘ 7 times.

Tap on Build number 7 times

4. Once you tap Build number 7 times, the message will appear “You are now a developer!

Enabled developer options

That’s all! Now you’ve enabled the developer options on your Moto G Turbo Edition. Also you could our video tutorial below:

Enable Developer options : Video

Here’s the second part of our tutorial. Again its quite simple to disable developer option on Moto G Turbo Edition or any other Android smart phone or tablet. Here’s how to do it:

Disable Developer option

1. Again head to ‘Settings‘ on your device.

Apps Menu

2. Under settings, look for ‘Apps‘ and tap on it.


3. Under Apps, look for ‘Settings‘ and tap on it.


4. Now tap on ‘Storage‘.

Tap on Storage

5. Now tap on ‘CLEAR DATA‘ and confirm your selection.


Now developer options will be disabled. Isn’t that easy to enable and disable developer options this Moto G Turbo edition. Also don’t miss our list best HD games that you can enjoy on this handset here.

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