How to backup / restore EFS Partition on Galaxy Note 5

In all aspects, safety should be our first priority. When it comes to flashing new softwares and doing tricks with devices such as Smart phones and tablets, many times we get our self stuck with bricked condition and sometimes these things could damage the internal information such as IMEI, device hardware profile and settings and it would become horrible to repair the device in such cases. All these information are usually saved under EFS Partition on the device.

In case any of these information get wiped out and even if you revive your device, without any of these information your device won’t work or particular part won’t be working. So, to be more safe while do such changes to Android devices, we have this tutorial that helps Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users to back up or restore EFS Partition in a most easiest way. However, you’ll need to root your device in order to make it work.

Well all thanks goes to Ricky Divjakovski, a recognized developer at XDA forum who brought an application that helps to back up and restore EFS Partition on Galaxy Note 5 within a few minutes. This app support most of Samsung devices, of course launched recently and it works very fine. Once you back up EFS Partition of Galaxy Note 5, you could do the many thing with it without having to worry about hard brick condition. However, if you are ordinary user then we won’t be encouraging you to such things.

Let’s get started with the process, for that first you’ll need have followings on your Galaxy Note 5 It should be rooted – To root your device please visit here. and Install BusyBox on it  – Get it from Google Playstore from here.

Once you done with above things then you’d be ready backup EFS Partition on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

How to backup / restore EFS Partition on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Firstly download and install EFS backup tool from → here. Install this application just like you do with other application and launch it.

For back up process, you’ll see the option named “Backup EFS” and for restoring purpose, you’ll an option named “Restore EFS” and also you’ll useful options such as reboot, hot reboot etc., The application is quite simple yet very powerful. You could back up EFS partition to internal and external memory and could restore it from same location too.

To backup, you’ll need to tap on Backup EFS option, on next screen choose backup location and then it will backup all the information stored EFS partition to your device or external media, just like below:

backup - restore EFS Partition on Galaxy Note 5 (1)

So in this way you could save this important information and can use it in time of hard brick condition. Also, you could use our guide → Downgrad Galaxy Note 5 to stock firmware, to revive your device back. We’d love to hear from you about your experience and if you stuck at any step, please let us and we’d helping at the earliest!

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  1. I have a note 5 model SM-N920I, that has been collecting dust for the past 4months. The phone is unbranded, and has never been rooted / tampered with. As of now the phone will not boot up, it will always be stuck on the Samsung start screen should a charger be plugged in. The phone is unable to boot into recovery mode, however, already checked and the vol up button is functioning, and not spoiled. Able to go to download mode, and that is about it. While being stuck on the Samsung screen, phone will not respond to atempts to switch off the phone, pressing the power button will not cause any rsponse at all.

    A bit of background info, the phone got to its current state now, ultimately after a OTA update. Upon successful download of the OTA update, the phone started behaving wierdly, randomly restarting itself, from a few times a day, and gradually increased to at least ten times daily, sometimes without even me realising that it had rebooted itself. One day, it randomly rebooted, but this time it got stuck at the Samsung screen, and would stay so till the battery had drained. Attempted to flash stock firmware by Smart Switch, operation successful, but phone would still not be able to boot past the samsung screen. Attempted ODIN stock reflash, was successful too, but still phone in bootloop, and unable to get to recovery mode.

    Any help would be greatly aporeciated.

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