Top 10 Best ‘Augmented Reality’ Apps You Should Know About!

The world of smartphones is indeed very fascinating. It takes you on a wild ride that is filled with both helpful and intriguing apps. There are apps for everything these days. Right from health and entertainment to lifestyle and banking, almost everything is covered by the apps available on Google PlayStore. In this list, we gather some of the best Augmented Reality Apps (AR apps) that has a new entrant that will take things a level higher and it is called augmented reality.

Is the term augmented reality too new for you?  You will be surprised to know that you are already using it if you have installed Snapchat and Instagram on your smartphone as the face filters in both the apps are based on augmented reality or AR. The augmented reality refers to a technology that makes existing reality more meaningful by layering it with computer-generated enhancements. AR blends digital elements into the real world. However, you can tell them apart easily.

There are a number of apps that use AR and we don’t even know. In this list, we gather some of these applications that use augmented reality technology.

1) Star walk 2

Star Walk 2You can experience the wonders of AR with Star walk 2 really quick. You simply need to load the app and point your device to the sky. All the celestial objects like the planets, constellations and stars will be right in front of you!

This app is great for novice astronomers, teachers or anybody who loves to discover the secrets of the galaxy. For parents, this application is an ideal for teaching their kids about starts and astronomy.

2) Google Translate

Google-TranslateA great app for the globe-trotters, Google Translate lets you converse with people even if you don’t know their language. The app makes the best use of AR to date. You must have already used or have this application installed on your phone. If yes, must be surprised to know that this already uses this new technology.

You simply need to point the camera of your phone at a menu card or sign on the road and you can get it translated into your language. A total of 103 languages get supported by this app.

3) SketchAR

draw with augmented realityBring out the artist in you with SketchAR! It helps you draw with AR as a guide. You simply need to get hold of a blank sheet of paper and then load any image of your choice in the app. This app should help you and your children to draw out the creativity.

It will project a virtual copy of the image on the paper and you simply need to trace it. Isn’t it a great way to improve your drawing skills?

4) Wikitude

Wikitude augumented appWikitude is one of the earliest apps to use AR. It works on a combination of local search and AR to provide you with more information about things around you. It helps you find out restaurants, hotels and other places of interest nearby.

The recommendations are sourced from Trip Advisor, Google Maps and Wikipedia. You will get results all the time while walking or pointing the smartphone towards a different direction.

5) Inkhunter

INKHUNTER - try tattoo designsDo you wish to get a tattoo? However, you may not want to regret it later on. You can get help with the Inkhunter app before you actually get tattooed. This app displays the tattoo design on the part of the body where you are planning to get a tattoo.

This will give you an idea of how it will appear before you actually get yourself inked. You can check it out from every angle. There is an option to save and share results. This app is very popular among young people. Such applications are being accepted and used by many professionals.

6) Lumyer

Lumyer - Augmented RealityWith Lumyer you can snap a selfie and then add animated features like hair or eyes to the image and save it as a GIF file. Even photos taken previously can be edited using this app. The best part is that it works with video also and the animated features can be applied in real time.

From fireworks to confetti, you can add several party-style effects. The app is a little slow but is a good change from the regular Snapchat!

7) Silent streets

Silent streets ar appsThis is an adventure game that uses AR in place of pointing and clicking. You don’t need to swipe and tap objects in a 2D world. You would need to actually walk towards them. This is the enticing twist to the classic game.

You will be investigating crimes in a Victorian setting. The game also has a number of puzzles to keep you entertained. This app is free initially, but after the first section, you need to pay.

8) IKEA Catalog

IKEA CatalogHow would you feel if you can actually see a piece of furniture in your room before buying it? It would give you a clear picture of how it would look once you purchase it. You can do this with the IKEA app. With this app you can check the color scheme of different pieces of furniture and feel satisfied. You can work with more than 300 items.

However, the app has certain limitations as you won’t get an idea of the size of the furniture. This problem can be solved if you have a printed copy of the IKEA catalog. You can scale the furniture perfectly and also walk around it in a 3D room! Isn’t that great?

9) WallaMe

WallaMe - Augmented RealityThe concept of the WallaMe app is bound to be adopted by the social networking giants in the near future. This app allows you to share secret messages with other people and that happens by turning the entire world into a canvas! Just point the camera of your phone at an empty wall and then write or draw a message on your screen. You can then share the message.

The message cannot be read by random people who pass by that place. Only those with whom you have shared the message or drawing can see it when they stand at the same location. They will be able to look at what you have done there!

10) Ingress

IngressDo you love playing Pokemon Go? Well, a while before it Ingress had introduced millions of people to the wonders of AR in the world of gaming. This game is set in a sci-fi world and it would be asked to pick a side and walk around to capture or protect locations.

This game does lack the feel of the other big games but if you are willing to give it a try, you will find a whole community of devoted players who are ready to have you with them.

So, these were the top apps that use augmented reality to give you a never-before experience. They all can be downloaded from Google Play Store. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make most of these apps.

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