10 Best apps for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro has been one of the most popular smartphones launched in the year 2017. It hits the maximum popularity at GSMArena so far in all Samsung phones. Here in this post, we gather some of the best applications for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro to get the most out of it. These apps will make sure that you get better productivity, fun, and user-experience.

Apps make things easier, convenient, and help to use our smart phones effectively. Though, Samsung packs their smart phones with tons of applications, some of them are useful, and some remain unused all the time; bloatware apps. Getting rid of such apps can improve the performance to a measurable extent, for sure. The Galaxy J7 Pro comes with Android 7.0 Naugat operating system that means you can install, and run the latest applications, and games.

There shouldn’t be any non-support issues. In this round-up, we gather such apps that help to improve the productivity on Galaxy J7 Pro, and they are better in aspects as compared to native apps that come pre-loaded. We hope that our reader would love these applications. Please feel free to share your favorite apps with. We’ll glad to list them here, and make this list even better.

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Here are some of the best applications for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro to make best use of it:

1. Google Drive Suit

best apps galaxy j7 proThe best productivity app you ever need. With Good Drive suit, you can work with your important documents such as Word files, Excel, PPTs, from anywhere, and anytime. Access them from anywhere, you just need an internet connection. With Google Drive, it becomes seamlessly easy to store our files on the cloud drives, and access them from anywhere.

The Google drive is one of the most popular Cloud storage services, and up to 5GB, it is completely free. Don’t you think that’s plenty of space you get. Make best use of it. If you do work with documents, this app should help you to improve your work, and productivity. We recommend this app to all Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro users.

Not only you store, and edit files on the go, these files can be shared with others too. And it works in offline mode as well. The application has a variety of features, and functionalities that certainly help in many ways.

Get this application here.

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2. ETMoney

ETMoney app galaxy j7 proIf you’re anything concern about your expenses, then you are going this love this application. The ETMoney application simply gathers information of money that you spend, and present them so beautifully that one can easily understand, and take action to save them. It is really important to keep a track on our spending, and should avoid wasting the money. It categorizes all of the spending, so you can easily track where you spend most, and how.

Basically, it collects information from transactions-based messages. For example, if you purchase something online, and use your card for payment, post order, you’ll receive the message for the transaction. Then, this app will collect the same information from that message, and put it under appropriate spending category.

There is one thing; that you make sure to install on that phone on which you’ve inserted the SIM number that you’ve on your bank account, credit card, and debit card. Otherwise, it won’t be able to gather, collect data.

Get this application here.

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3. Dashlane

Dashlane Free Password ManagerThese days, we use many different websites, and apps on a daily basis. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and many others require login details. Sometime it becomes tough to remember user name, and corresponding password. To make that task seamlessly calm, use Dashlane application on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. Basically, the Dashlane application helps to manage your login details, and passwords of different accounts.

On your behalf, it remembers the login details like user name, and its password. With just one tap, it enters that details where you need them. It makes login process so smooth that you just need to put them once, then it remembers them. Also, it helps to generate unique passwords for various accounts. To add more, it does come with security features. The Dashlane also facilitates keeping your passwords on could services, so you can access them anytime you want.

Get this application here.

4. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher for samsung galaxy j7 proEven though, the Samsung is currently the biggest smart phone manufacturer around the world, still their user-interface needs improvements. To make the user – experience better, we suggest to switch to different launcher like: Nova Launcher. It offers variety of customization features that create a better user-interface. You can customize many user-interface aspects using the launcher.

There is one thing that always bothers Samsung users; performance issues. As the time passes, they tend to become slower. On an important note, the Nova Launcher helps to improve the performance of the phone. It is very light-weight launcher; that replaces many aspects with lighter ones. Means, with a beautiful interface, you get performance boost too. If you’re facing performance issues on your phone, we recommend you to apply our useful tricks, and tips to speed up Galaxy J7 Pro.

Get this application here.

5. FilesGo

FilesGo-file-managerA very useful file manager, developed, and distributed by Google. That replaces the stock file manager, and bring extra features. The main intention behind this application is to help users to free space in their smart phones. The FilesGo application intelligently gathers all of your files, documents, etc., In well manner and suggests appropriate actions to free-up space.

And one uses it to replace the stock file manager that comes pre-loaded. Further, it has many other options like: it helps you find files easily, share them, encrypt them, and helps to save them to cloud storage services like Google Drive. It can transfer files at speeds up to 125 Mbps, if other uses the same application.

The FilesGo is an amazing file management application. It’s intuitive interface makes easier to manage files, clean your storage, and improves performance. If you’ve been looking for an alternate file manager app for your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, then use FilesGo.

Get this application here.

6. Vidmate

vidmate download videos j7 proThe Vidmate is a well-known application that does a great work. This application downloads the media from different websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vine, Soundcloud, Instagram, Metacafe, and many more. Whether you want to download the video, or its audio, it can do that for you. The user interface of the application very simple, and easy to use. Practically, it can download videos from any video websites that makes it unique, and helpful.

While you download videos, it serves different options like resolution, MP3, formats, etc., to customize your downloads. Means, you can easily keep YouTube videos offline, or download them in MP3 format. The application is currently not listed on Google Playstore. So, to download it, please Google it. Hopefully, you’ll get the download link on the very first search result. We must say that it is a must have app for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro users.

7. Trello

Trello_oneplus_5_appsBasically, the Trello helps you to work collaboratively with your mates, colleagues, and friend. If you’re doing a business with your friends, family, or a group of people, then this app can help you a lot to bring better productivity. Using this application, one can create to-do list, create a work-plan, work project together with your group, plan vacations, and much more. Either you can work alone, or invite your whole team, or friends to work together.

For small business owners, this app can do magic. No need to carry a laptop, or work on desktop, if you have an application on your phone. The main aim of Trello is to get things done, stay organized, and improve productivity. The application supports media files like you can upload pictures, videos, documents, and supports cloud services like; Google Drive and Dropbox.

Get this application here.

PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android

8. PPSSPP Emulator

A must have gaming emulator. The PPSSPP is the most complete PSP emulator for Android, iOS, and Windows users. Since the last update has arrived, that brought Vulkan support, the games run very smooth as like they work on real PSP. With this emulator, you can easily play all PSP games including big titles such as God of War, Dragon Ball, Naruto etc., Primarily, the performance depends upon the hardware of the phone.

Since Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro comes with Octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 and 3 GB RAM, the emulator should work very well. The gaming experience would be good with no lags. If you’re anything serious about gaming, we highly recommend this Android Emulator. This can totally change your gaming mind-set. We have some good stuff that you should follow:

9. Google Chrome

Google Chrome browserNothing is better than Google Chrome when it comes to browsing the internet. Well, you get pre-installed web browser that does a pretty good job. But, Google Chrome is far better, and more stable. No matter, whether you one tab, or 20, it does not die. The Google Chrome is light-weight feature-rich browser that syncs bookmarks, settings, etc., from Google account linked to other devices, if you wish. That makes browsing easier. It’s an intelligent browser, since it syncs Google account information, it traces your searches, preferences, and much more.

Moreover, it comes with incognito mode that enables you to surf online without leaving any traces. As soon as you leave it, no history will be created, and stored. Further, Google Chrome receives updates frequently that improve it more, and there are many other features, and options.

Get this application here.

10. NearBuy

NearBuy android apps galaxy a5A better application to book buffets, parties, event passes, etc., This application indeed helps to explore cities, know about restaurants, hotels, party places, activities, and book them online. On a regular basis, they bring exciting offers, deals, and coupons. Based on your mood, event, or time, you can search desire experiences, activities, restaurants etc., The application is very easy to use. It supports major payment methods like Credit/Debit card, and many online wallets such as PayTm etc..

You can search for an event going on in your city, and book tickets for yourself, or for your friends, and family. Apart, they also sell voucher/gift cards of the major shopping sites like LifeStyle, Big Bazzar, Shoppers stop, Nykaa, and many more at discounted rates.

There are tons of things you can book using this application. We highly recommend this application to all Samsung Galaxy J7 pro users.

Get this application here.

That ends our list here. So, that’s all about some of must have apps for Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, and we hope that our readers would like our list. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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