Free App to Send and Receive Fax on Android Phone

In our past time, it’s never been easier to have Fax facilities in some places. Those machines were placed over some particular fixed areas, from they used be to operated. But now, most of our daily tasks are getting easy to carry to out, and have them completed in less time through gadgets, machines, and new communication technologies.

For ordinary, the one gadget which almost turned high complicated, and time-consuming tasks to very easy, and less time-consuming is a Smartphone.

Currently, most of phone users are using them, they makes easy to get connected to friends, family, and colleagues. Not only they have started to flip old phone technologies, but also affecting the other machinery, and devices.

On the top, Android based smartphones are being used by the most of the user. The reliability, and supportive nature of Android Operating makes its possible to use Android devices to operate, mimic, and  use it as different devices just like emulators and simulators application.

Have you ever thought that you can use Android device as Fax Machine? Yes! you can turn your phone to a Fax machine. Thanks to j2 Global, Inc (Android developer) who brought an Android app which allow users to use Android phone as a Fax machines. The application name is eFax, it’s completely free to download from Google Play store.

eFax App –Send & Receive Faxes

  • Get it on Google Playstorehere.
  • Size – 7.4M
  • Compatible – Android 2.3 and up
  • Free App and App-in purchase!

Using eFax app, you can Send and Receive fax with one click. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wanting to fax locally or internationally, you’ll be able to do it. The user interface is very easy, user-friendly, and easy to understand. To get started it, you only have to register once with your email Id, you’ll get fax number that’s tied to your email. Whenever someone sent you a fax, you’ll get mail under the “Inbox” folder.

To send a fax to someone, you need to create a new email addressed to your recipient’s fax number,followed by: @efaxsend.com.

Then attach the documents files which you want to fax, and then click send. Fax will be delivered to recipient fax machine, and for as for confirmation, you’ll get receive an email confirming your fax has been sent. Below, there are some screen shots of this eFax application,

Not only it saves your time, and physical work, it also provide the cost-effective(app-in purchase), and paperless alternative to Fax machines.

This application is good for both ordinary users and sized-business as fax solution. The actual fax machines are limited to their placed areas, but eFax requires no fax hardware or physical space, it only needs an Android based smart phone with recommended configuration.

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