Benefits of Android Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become an integral part in our daily lives.  Since personal devices have become essential and irreplaceable for today’s generation, the devices have also penetrated into modern day workplaces.

Furthermore, corporate and non-corporate organisations are also adopting BYOD (Bring your own device) today because it provides a flexible working environment and minimises the infrastructure, device, and operating costs.

Nevertheless, the continued increase in the use of mobile devices is leading to concerns such as corporate data security, device management, and synchronisation with different platforms.

The following are the benefits of android mobile device management (MDM).

1. Provides remote device erase capabilities

When the devices are stolen, the data on the device is definitely at risk. Therefore business organisations have to ensure that the sensitive data on the devices is protected. With the help of MDM solutions, business organisations can remotely wipe the data on the devices thereby ensuring data security at all times.

2. Allows auto backup of data

Data loss due to a device crash or theft can significantly hurt business organisations. Therefore, the data should be regularly backed up to prevent data loss. It does not matter if the backup server is on the premise or on the cloud. It is vital to back up the data so that the MDM solution assists in scheduling and backing up the data when the devices are not in use. This ensures no data loss in cases of theft or a breakdown. Instead the data can be restored to a new device and the business can continue without any obstructions.

3. Saves costs for business organisations

When mobile devices and tablets are managed well, business organisations need not stress about buying and replacing them every time. This saves a lot of money for business organisations since the amount used to buy new devices will be higher than that used to manage the existing mobile devices and tablets.

4. Allows device tracking

Certain MDM solutions are able to track devices based on the hardware available on the devices. Business organisations can use these to track devices to ensure they are within the safe zone as specified. MDM also assists business organisations in setting up geo-locks on devices to ensure that the device and data are always protected.


It is essential for business organisations to manage the employees’ mobile devices  connected to the organisation’s network. Thus, ensuring the success of identity and access management and optimising functionality and mobile device security.

To achieve this, business organisations must first identify the correct MDM solution for their business to secure the corporate network. The MDM solution opted must include device tracking and inventory, application distribution, password verification and enforcement, and data encryption.

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