How the pedometer works on Android

A pedometer is usually used by smartwatches or fitness bracelet wearers. With this technology, the user of a wearable device can easily count the distance travelled, allowing them to better monitor their activity. But what few people know is that most smartwatches can also count steps without additional gadgets. This article will tell you which pedometer to choose, how it works and whether you can cheat the pedometer on Android.

How does the smartphone count steps

Let’s start by defining ourselves. Any phone that has an accelerometer can count steps. So if your phone can automatically change screen positions – then it supports step counting technology.

How it works. A smartphone uses a special sensor to pick up vibrations that occur when you walk and perceive them as steps. Clearly, if the smartphone is in your bag, the counting will not be very accurate.

If you aim to track your steps, the best solution is to put the phone in your jeans pocket. The smartphone will only pick up vibrations from your lower torso, and therefore will be more accurate. That said, it’s understandable that if the smartphone is in your bag or in your hand, the count will be so-so.

Wait. So it turns out that a smartphone counts steps even better than a fitness bracelet, which is attached to the arm? Yes and no. In addition to the position of the device relative to your body, several other factors affect the counting. For example, the quality of the sensor itself.

What is the best pedometer to download for Android?

There are a lot of pedometer apps on Google Play. But I recommend downloading Google’s proprietary app – Google Fit. Why? Well, for one thing, Google takes the issue of activity counting seriously. When developing Google Git, the corporation kindly collaborated with one of the most respected cardiology associations, the AHA (American Heart Association). Thanks to this, the app will not only be able to count steps but will also provide quality health advice.

Secondly, the Google Fit app is perfectly adapted for Android. Here I think there can be no question at all. The app was originally created with all the nuances of the operating system in mind. There are no lags, slowdowns or glitches. Plus, of course, excellent accuracy. In any case, not worse than other applications on Google Play.

Google Fit: How to enable the pedometer on Android
Google Fit

How to enable the pedometer on Android

  1. To enable the pedometer on Android, you must:
  2. Download the app via Google Play via this link.
  3. Next, log in to the app via your Google account.
  4. Allow the app to access your geo-location to increase the accuracy of your count.
  5. Set your parameters: age, height, weight etc.
  6. Set step goals.

Done, now your steps will be counted automatically.

Google Fit’s interface made me very happy. Beautiful charts, flexible settings, good translation into Russian. What else do you need for an application like this?

How to cheat the pedometer on Android

Absolutely no idea why you might need to cheat the pedometer, but it is possible. To start with, there are even special devices on AliExpress. It’s certainly shocking content altogether, honestly. I never would have thought such products could be popular.

It’s easy to cheat a pedometer if you know how it works. As we’ve already established, the device reads vibrations back and forth. Based on this knowledge, the best way to fool a pedometer is to attach it to a pendulum or to a device with a similar mechanism. A watch, a massager, something else. Try to get creative after all.

Some users do even more interesting things. They attach a smartphone or wearable device to a dog. A great human thought, don’t you think? I never would have thought of that. Of course, if your dog is uncomfortable, you shouldn’t do that. Don’t torture your pet for anything.

Do you use a pedometer on your smartphone? Or would you prefer to wear a fitness bracelet? Share your experiences in our Telegram chat. It will be interesting to read.

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