7 Essential Skills You Need to be an Android Developer

Seven important skills that you can easily learn to ensure that you attain success as an android developer despite the numerous challenges associated with this kind of work.

The significant advancement in smartphones has significantly transformed human beings’ lives. Apparently, smartphones have revolutionized how people access information and different services. Information has been brought directly to our fingertips since, provided an individual has a smartphone connected to secure internet, they can access information on any topic. Smartphones play a significant role in connecting people from different parts of the world in exciting and innovative ways. Undoubtedly, there is a massive demand for Android app developers. As an android app developer, you must understand design and programming aspects well. On the same note, as an experienced developer, you must be well-skilled in different-related concepts that will help you successfully deploy applications. As a student, once in a while, you can track your academic GPA scores using this website

As mentioned above, mobile phones have significantly changed our ways of life, from education to how we recreate, run businesses, and seek entertainment. All these changes have made android development one of the most remarkable and fascinating jobs. Undoubtedly, Android is an indisputable leader in the mobile market share. This means that there is high job security for the majority of Android developers. As smartphones continue connecting individuals from various parts of the world in innovative and exciting ways, it is vital to note that pursuing a career in Android development is more enriching and fulfilling in the modern economy. To succeed as an Android developer, you must have a couple of skills and apply them in the right places to produce the best experience. This article will discuss several essential skills an individual needs to become an android developer.

You must have android foundations

Programming language is one of the building blocks for Android development. Two of the most preferred languages for Android Apps include Java and Kotlin. You could use either Java or Kotlin or both in developing an application. You must be familiar with programming languages and other syntaxes, functioning programming, generics, multithreading, concurrency, and collection framework. An XML layout is usually used when designing different Android layouts. As a developer, you just need to be familiar with tools, such as the Android Studio, since it will assist you in designing seamless layouts and writing business logic.

Excellent communication skills

Whether in high school, university, pursuing your master’s studies or working, it is vital to note that excellent communication skills play a significant role in almost every aspect of life. Therefore, as a student, you should strive to improve your communication skills since it will help you even after your academic life. When hiring an Android Developer, most employers will check whether you have excellent communication skills. Sometimes, communication development requirements among team members can be challenging. As a programmer; you should ensure you can effectively communicate your point of view to your colleagues.

You should be a team player

It is unclear why some people prefer working alone and hate teamwork. According to researchers, working as a team has numerous benefits, such as enhanced creativity, enhanced personal growth, increased potential for innovation, intelligent problem-solving, and less burnout, among many other benefits. On the same note, it is vital to note that a single person cannot handle most complicated projects. Hence, you must be a good team player as an Android Developer. Unfortunately, most applications often fail to operate effectively because of a lack of effective coordination among the team members. Essentially, being a team player plays a significant role if one wishes to succeed as an Android developer.

Creative thinking and problem-solving

You must be very wrong if you think developing an Android application is easy. The process is not a walk in the park; sometimes, you must sacrifice spending time with colleagues or having fun. To become a successful Android developer, you must be creative and have the ability to make something unique and engaging. As an Android developer, you must be able to think outside the box and develop solutions to common challenges encountered by developers.

Android interactivity

When it comes to Android applications, the aspect of user interaction should be prioritized. There should be a system that can respond to different events by providing an appropriate keyboard for user input, implementing appropriate gestures, such as drop and drag, and responding to events using call-backs. Although most of the applications are small, they play a significant role in enhancing user interaction. It is vital to note that most user interactions occur in a particular Android component regarded as Activity. By definition, an Activity entails a single thing that the user can perform. Different activities interact with the same user. Regarding user interaction, it is vital to note that different devices come with unique screen configurations. For instance, when it comes to screen orientation, it could either be landscape or portrait. To become an Android Developer, you must know how to go about aspects of Android interactivity.

Android Testing

As an android developer, you must create platforms where people can interact with your application. According to researchers, people will interact with your application differently, from downloading information to submitting a button on the device. As a developer, you should ensure you test different interactions and cases. Some commonly used testing libraries include UI Automator, Robolectric, Mockito, and Expresso.

In conclusion, the good thing about being an Android Developer is that it is suitable for different companies. Most companies prefer having applications customized for their needs because most applications have a large user base, big scalability, easy accessibility, and can be used as easy-to-use tools. Making these applications is not challenging, provided you have the right team. As a student, you should never forget that being an Android developer is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of determination and willingness to learn from the experts. On the same note, you must prioritize your studies at all times. In essence, the tips discussed in this article are just a tip of the icebag. There are many other articles on the different skills you will need to become an Android Developer.

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