Xiaomi Mi 11 Vs Xiaomi 11T, Differences And Which One Is Better

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is one of the most advanced flagships of the brand, being also the carrier of one of the most powerful Qualcomm chipsets of the moment, so it also has other features and technical specifications of high performance. Given all, it has to offer, in order to find out which one is better and why, we compare it with the Xiaomi 11T, another mobile that also consists of high-end qualities and has enough material to measure shoulder to shoulder.

The prices indicated in the article could change over time, so, from, we limit ourselves to analyse the differences at the time of publication.

Different Designs And Screens, But With Some Points In Common

Xiaomi Mi 11
Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11

To start off on the right foot, it should be noted that the aesthetic section is one of the points on which the two phones differ the most, both front and rear. On the front of the Xiaomi Mi 11 we have a full screen with very small top and bottom bezels and bezel-free side edges for a curved screen on the sides. The fact that the panel is not flat gives it a premium look. The other thing is that the hole in the screen is located in the top left corner.

Now, the Xiaomi 11T has a flat-screen. This leaves us with more pronounced bezels than its rival, but they are not thick. Also, the hole in the screen is positioned in the top centre of the screen, looking more like a mid-range phone than a high-end one.

On the back of both phones, there is no physical fingerprint reader, as it is under the screen on the Xiaomi Mi 11 and on the right side on the 11T. At the same time, the camera modules are obviously different at first glance. However, both have three rear cameras.

Now, in terms of screens, the Xiaomi Mi 11’s has better definition and image sharpness, having a WQHD+ resolution of 3,200 x 1,440 pixels and not FullHD+ of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels like the Xiaomi 11T. The screens of both work at a refresh rate of 120 HZ and are AMOLED technology, but the Mi 11’s is 6.81 inches and the 11T’s is 6.67 inches, with the latter being slightly smaller.

Qualcomm Vs Mediatek, The Eternal War

Xiaomi 11T

Xiaomi 11T

Both are phones that boast exceptional performance, and this is because they come with powerful processor chipsets. On the side of the Xiaomi Mi 11 we have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, an eight-core part that is capable of working at a maximum clock frequency of 2.84 GHz. The Xiaomi 11T, meanwhile, has the power that Mediatek’s Dimensity 1200 can offer thanks to a maximum clock frequency speed of 3.0 GHz. However, it is the Mi 11 that offers a better and smoother user experience at the end of the day.

Otherwise, the former comes in 6, 8 and 12 GB RAM options, while the latter is only available with 6 and 8 GB of RAM. Regarding internal memory, both are offered with 128 or 256 GB of internal storage space, but without the possibility to expand it via a microSD card.

Similar Cameras, But There Is A Clear Winner

The Xiaomi Mi 11, like the 11T, has a 108-megapixel resolution main rear camera. However, the aperture is better on the 11T, being f/1.8 and not f/1.9 as on the Mi 11. This translates to brighter photos and information gathered in low-light conditions. The wide-angle is 13 megapixels on the former and 8 megapixels on the latter. One thing they do share is a third 5-megapixel sensor for bokeh photos.

Selfie photos are provided by a 20-megapixel shooter on the Xiaomi Mi 11 and a 16-megapixel lens on the Xiaomi 11T.

Overall, however, the Mi 11 has a better photographic performance than the 11T. Also, the advantage is increased by the fact that it can use the GCam app (Google Camera) to improve the photographic results considerably, as it is compatible.

High-capacity Batteries For Both, Prices And Other Features

They are somewhat similar in this segment, despite the Xiaomi Mi 11 having a smaller battery which is 4,600 mAh with 55W fast charging, compared to the 11T’s, which is 5,000 mAh and comes with 67W fast charging. This is because only the Mi 11’s has 50W wireless charging and 10W wireless reverse, with the Xiaomi Mi 11’s being more comprehensive on balance.

Otherwise, both come with Android 11 under MIUI 12.5, NFC for contactless payments, 5G connectivity, USB Type-C and weights close to 200 grams.

Prices, Conclusions And Opinion: Which Is Better In 2021, The Xiaomi Mi 11 Or Xiaomi 11t?

The Xiaomi 11T is considerably cheaper, with a price tag of around 500 euros, which is a far cry from the 760 euros for which the Xiaomi Mi 11 is approximately priced. However, to a large or small extent, the price of the Mi 11 is justified by a more premium design, a better screen, a processor chipset with better performance, a camera that is better overall and a more complete battery with wireless and reverse charging.

In conclusion, for its technical specifications, the Mi 11 is better and more complete. Even so, the 11T is an excellent alternative that does not disappoint in any way, making it an excellent choice to buy in 2021.

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