13 Best Realme GT Tricks You Shouldn’t Miss

Don’t miss this list of Realme GT tips and tricks to get the best out of your phone.

We already knew that Realme brand phones offer excellent value for money. Now, with the update to their new version of their UI 2.0 personalisation layer, they are an even more interesting product. To convince you of this, we bring you here a list of Realme GT tricks to get the most out of it.

1. New Uses For The Power Button

Did you think the only function of this button was to turn on the device? Now we can also configure it to perform a variety of functions, such as forcing a reboot when the phone is locked or accessing the Google Assistant.

To do this, we will first go to Settings and there we will select the “Convenience Tools” option, where we will activate all the functions we want.

List of Best Realme GT Tricks

2. Scheduled Power On/off

Speaking of the power button, one of the Realme GT’s tricks that we highlight is the possibility of scheduling the phone’s power on and off.

We will activate these functions by accessing the “Additional settings” section within the Settings menu. In this way, we will define an operating schedule for our phone. A solution to be able to rest and sleep undisturbed and save battery life!

3. Battery Panel

The battery is precisely one of the aspects to which the new Realme UI 2.0 layer has paid the most attention. The proof: the implementation of a battery panel with advanced functions.

This control panel can be found by going to “Settings”, then “Battery settings” and finally “More battery settings”. Here we can select three different performance modes, depending on our needs at any given moment.

4. Charging By AI

Related to the above, this is a trick or resource that will help make the charging process more efficient and, above all, safer for battery life.

The “Charge by AI” option is also found within the “More battery settings” menu.

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5. Increase Ram Memory

Another of the Realme GT’s tricks is designed to improve performance. In this case, the phone’s internal storage.

How to do it? From “Settings”, we go to “About phone”, where we will find the information of our RAM memory. There we will have the option to increase it by 1 GB, 2 GB and even 3 GB (depending on the model and version of the phone).

Smooth scrolling Best Realme GT Tricks

6. Smooth Scrolling

Realme GT has an option that allows us to increase the fluidity in the use of our phone, something that we will notice in the normal use of the phone and when opening and closing applications.

To activate the smooth scrolling we must select the “Realme Lab” option in “Settings” and from there activate the “Smooth scrolling” function.

7. Cloning Applications

The factory settings of the Realme GT give us the option to clone some applications. How? From “Settings” we have to go to the “Application management” menu, where this option is located.

To start with, we will only have a limited number of applications. The real trick is to download the Island app, which through its “work mode” will allow you to clone any application you have installed on your phone.

8. Passwords For Apps

Do you want to protect one or more of your applications with a password? You can do it too, as this is one of the new tricks of the Realme GT.

To do this, first, go to “Settings” and then to “Privacy”. There we will select the apps and assign them the password mode we want: password, facial recognition, pattern, numeric pin, etc.

9. Hide Apps

In the same “Privacy” menu you will find the option to hide applications. This trick is very useful for hiding particularly sensitive applications (such as digital banking) from prying eyes.

Using the “hide apps” option, the hidden applications will only be visible after unlocking your phone with your own password.

10. Safe

Still on the subject of security: here’s a way to keep those files, photos and videos that we want to protect in a special way safe. This is another option in the “Privacy” menu.

To enter the safe, just press and hold the top of the file folder. You will then be prompted for a password, the combination to open it and access its contents.

Best Realme GT Tricks

11. Font And Screen Size

If you love to personalise your phone and give it your own style, you’ll be happy to know that among the new Realme GT tricks are the options to change the font type and choose the font size.

To access them, go to “Settings”, then “Display and brightness” and within this menu go to the “Font and screen size” option.

12. Space For Children

If there are children at home and they are going to have access to the mobile phone, with this function we can choose how much time and which applications they will be able to use. The “Kids’ space” is, therefore, a necessary control tool that can be found in the “Settings” menu.

13. Additional Functions

Last but not least, some interesting additional functions can be found in the “Convenience tools” menu.

With them we can for example choose how to take screenshots (using gestures or movements), how to manage the video and audio options, the activation of the support sphere or the split-screen option.

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