How ‘PC Mode’ works on Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold phone

Do you want to know how PC mode works on Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold phone, then keep reading this article. We cover different aspects of PC Mode, how it works, its features, benefits, and it is better as compared to other foldable smartphones.

The smartphone that Xiaomi unveiled a few weeks ago and has already started selling very successfully is called the Mi Mix Fold. Without even seeing it once, it’s logical to assume that it should fold up and offer some sort of highlight. Xiaomi understands this perfectly. Just a foldable phone is hard to call original – it’s all been there before and by more than one company.

But the PC mode, which the company has already talked about, can’t be called anything ordinary. It’s really a killer feature of the new gadget. It turns the smartphone into a full-fledged computer, and with a rather large screen, too. Now it’s time to talk about this mode in more detail to understand what it is. And that’s what it is.

The PC mode on Mi Mix Fold
The PC mode on Mi Mix Fold

The PC mode on Mi Mix Fold

Representatives from XDA Developers have shared their exploration of Xiaomi’s new operating system. The story turned out to be very interesting and answered many of the questions we had before.

“PC mode”, which turns the Xiaomi phone’s interface into almost a computer, is very similar to the Windows home screen. Many folding device fans, or just those who wanted to buy something like this but weren’t ready, may now be even more interested in it.

I’m surprised Samsung hasn’t already developed such a mode for its Fold series. After all, what’s the point of having a bigger screen if the user interface remains the same as a small phone? Samsung has a Wireless DeX mode, but it only works when connected to an external display. The Galaxy Tab series has it on the device, though.

Xiaomi didn’t immediately launch support for the new mode either, but now it’s there and it works on its only foldable phone so far. It took longer than expected, but with a software update, the feature is now available.

Xiaomi update

Last week Xiaomi released a software update (V12.0.10.0.RJTCNXM) that included not only PC mode, but also ‘Second Space’ – something like a second user account on a computer.

Interestingly, the “What’s New” section on the update page doesn’t reveal all the benefits of the update, and in some ways even downplayed their importance. The description only mentions improved system stability and faster performance, with no mention of PC mode or second space.

How to activate PC mode on the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

To activate PC mode, you need to swipe the screen with three fingers inwards from the right edge of the screen (right to left) when unfolded. The system’s response is pretty quick, and even after a few transitions from one mode to another, there are no hang-ups. That said, accidental mode starts will be extremely rare.

Thanks to @YouTube/ben sin for this vidoe!

If you’ve used a Windows PC before, you’ll be familiar with the Mi Mix Fold user interface in PC mode. You’ll get a menu bar that runs across the bottom of the screen from left to right, a start menu button, a search button, a row of running apps, a battery indicator, the time and date, and a notification window button.

PC Mode Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold navigation
PC Mode Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Navigation

Next to the battery icon is an upward-pointing arrow that, when pressed, brings up the equivalent of the Android shortcut switches. On the far right of the panel are three buttons representing the three-button Android navigation.

As on a Windows PC, tapping on the time and date section of the taskbar opens the full month’s calendar. Tapping the Start menu button in the bottom left corner will bring up a vertical bar with all the phone’s apps.

Multitasking on your smartphone

In PC mode, only 4 simultaneous open applications are supported. If you try to open more of them, the smartphone will just gradually close the ones that were open before.

As you might expect, most Android apps are not optimized for this use. They open in a rectangular, elongated window as if you were just launching them on a regular smartphone screen. Spotify, for example, does this. But some application windows can be freely resized. These include YouTube, Photo Gallery, and Google Docs. Some apps, like Google Chrome, open full screen initially.

When too many applications are running, they will close by themselves.
When too many applications are running, they will close by themselves.

In fact, apps launch slower than usual, but the difference in speed is not so critical. But the wireless keyboard and mouse connect so conveniently and work so well that, in some scenarios, this smartphone can really replace a laptop. Although 8 inches is still a bit small for a full-fledged operation.

As I said at the beginning, the new mode will generate more interest in the smartphone, and Xiaomi’s desire to do something new will ensure more respect for the company. Except we can’t say for sure that this will be a game-changer. In the future, when foldable phones get bigger due to multiple folds and get 10 inches or more, then such a mode will definitely come in handy.

And it could also cause a race to work on such modes. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, for example, could well get something like this. And then the others won’t be far behind. However, of the others, only the Huawei Mate X2 can be named so far. But other companies are also working in this direction. In particular Oppo with its sliding X 2021.

All brands are keeping an eye on each other’s work, and they won’t sit idly by. This means we’ll be seeing more and more new chips come up to get our attention.

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