Can You Sleep With Your Smartphone Under Your Pillow?

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend with your smartphone? Think about it, the first thing we see in the morning is the phone that wakes us up, during the day we also use it for work and personal needs, in the evening we spend time watching movies or listening to podcasts. Many of us keep our gadgets on, even when we sleep, and put them under the pillow.

Modern medicine is undergoing global changes based on the popularisation of science and reliance on quality research only. Essentially, this means that all advice and prescriptions must be made by a doctor solely relying on quality sources.

Smartphone causes cancer

Today you can’t just say: “It helped me” or, “Vanya from the fifth doorstep told me so”. Abroad such an approach has been practised for a long time, but in our country, it has only just appeared. So let me say at once that you will not find in this article texts about the negative impact of radio waves on the human body and the emergence of cancer because of a smartphone. This is banal because it has not been proven.

Instead, I suggest you turn to the World Health Organisation. Here’s what they write:

Over the past 20 years, numerous studies have been conducted to assess whether mobile phones pose a potential health risk. To date, no adverse health effects caused by mobile phones have been identified.

But does this mean the phone is perfectly safe under your pillow? Of course not. In addition to radiation and various kinds of radiation, which we are often told by technical minds, there is a number of adverse factors, and we will talk about them.

Is the light from your smartphone harmful?

I would like to say that as soon as you turn on the subject to a specialist, he will immediately tell you about such a concept as sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene is a set of measures designed to ensure a full, healthy sleep

One important reason why the phone may actually have an adverse effect is the bright light. Why didn’t the WHO say so? It’s just that light isn’t necessarily a smartphone. It is understandable that when you sleep, you move and shift from one side to the other from time to time. At this point, the phone may no longer be under your pillow, as stated in the title, but just next to it.

Next, you’ll start getting all sorts of notifications, messages and so on, and the smartphone will either shine brightly in your eyes or, even worse, vibrate and make different noises. All this will affect the quality of your sleep, and you may wake up in an extremely shattered state. In this case, the night mode does not help at all, but rather makes things worse.

Clearly, if it’s important not to oversleep in the morning, you can put your smartphone as close to you as possible, but in my opinion, it makes much more sense to put it the other way, further away, so that you have to go to another corner to turn the alarm off.

In a recent selection of the best wake-up apps, I already told you how I played around with different wake-up technologies. According to one of them, I even had to go out into the entryway to turn off the alarm. I recommend you read it.

Can You Sleep With Your Smartphone Under Your Pillow?

Smartphone before bedtime

I would also like to mention the importance of limiting smartphone use before bedtime. Think about it, we are on the phone all day: working, watching various videos, chatting in messengers. In order for your body to come out of its waking state and prepare for sleep, it needs some unloading, so experts recommend giving up any technology a few hours before bedtime.

There’s another tip that can help you get a good night’s sleep. Right now, open the Notes app and write down the activities you’ll be doing every night. It could be anything from brushing your teeth, straightening your bed, playing classical music, and repeating the same actions every night.

By the way, to make falling asleep even easier, you can start meditating. We’ve done this kind of meditation on more than one occasion. This will not only help to relax at the moment but also reduce anxiety in general.

To summarise, I would like to say that everything in the world is not as scary as it seems at first glance. If smartphones caused cancer and 5G towers had a negative impact, they simply wouldn’t have come into existence. It’s important to understand that all technology is tightly controlled.

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