6 Tips for Using Your Smartphone on a Cruise Ship

There was a time when you could only use the onboard phones on cruise ships for emergencies or to make a call for several dollars a minute, but now things have changed and everyone walks around with a smartphone, which not only enables us to talk to anyone but also gives us access to texting, email, social media, and the internet. No matter how much a person wants to unwind and relax on vacation, he will be bringing his smartphone with him. So for this reason, we have discussed a few tips for using a smartphone while on a cruise.

Confirm About Your Carrier’s International Plans

Before going on a cruise journey, you should make sure that your mobile carrier has an international plan. You should check your network provider’s or carrier’s website to make sure that you can even use your smartphone while you are overseas and in foreign countries. The coverage area of your carrier may even give you the freedom to get away without having to change anything. For instance, most US carriers provide the same coverage without any additional cost if you are going to some parts of Canada or Mexico.

Download All The Necessary Apps Before Leaving

Before leaving for the cruise, you should download all the apps that you will need on the journey. This can include utility apps, maps apps, weather apps, games, and software that you might need on the cruise. Along with this, don’t forget to install the official mobile app of your cruise line, as it will be of so much use during your cruise journey to stay updated about various things, check daily schedules, and find information about different itineraries. 

Stick to Texting

Instead of calling your friends and family back home, consider texting, as it is a much better and cost-effective option. International plans from your service provider can be very expensive and you wouldn’t want to waste your Basic Wi-Fi data limit on calling since the onboard cruise WiFi is expensive compared to normal mobile data plans. Unless it is very essential, you should stick to texting instead of calling.

You can also consider buying a local SIM for your phone to stay in touch, but this is not a viable option for many, as buying a new SIM card for every country and knowing how to deal with foreign cell phone companies in every country can be a bit of a hassle.

Buy an Onboard WiFi Package Wisely

Nowadays, almost every cruise line offers onboard WiFi, since it has become the need of many travelers to access the internet while cruising through vast seas. The on-board WiFi plans depend on various things including the internet speeds, the number of devices, and the duration of your stay. While choosing an internet plan, make sure that you don’t make the wrong decision and choose a plan that not only meets your internet needs but is also light on your budget. One of the ways to get the best deals for on-board WiFi is by being a member of loyalty programs offered by cruise lines.

Don’t Be Tied to Your Mobile Phone

Yes, you should buy a cruise WiFi package for yourself, as it will keep you connected on-board but one thing that you should do is become tied to your device. The modern convenience of using a smartphone on a cruise ship is great but the main point of getting on a cruise is to see interesting new places, meet new people, and have some fun and relaxation. Endless scrolling on your smartphone day and night is not the way to spend your cruise vacation. Instead, you should fully immerse yourself in the cruise and try out various activities available on board, and during all of this, don’t forget to try Royal Caribbean drink packages.

Don’t Forget Your Smartphone Accessories

The best way to use your smartphone is with its full accessories. Nothing is worse than finding out that you didn’t bring your mobile phone’s accessories with you. Therefore, make sure to pack all the necessary power cords, extra battery/power backup, earphones, waterproof mobile cases, and other things that will make your trip more enjoyable.

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