10 Best Apps for Xiaomi Redmi 4A [Must Have]

When it comes to budget friendly smartphones, there are several brands that hit our mind. Xiaomi is one of them, and tops the best-budget-friendly chart. They offer quite impressive range of smartphones with dedicated performance, tagged under low to budget friendly price tag, and also, come with fascinating specs. Here in this post, we gonna list of some of best, and useful apps for Xiaomi Redmi 4A to get the best from it. Make more use of it and get most out it. Without an application, it is worthless to use smartphones rather than use it for picking phone, and sending messages.

Although the task of hunting useful applications is quite time-consuming. From an endless sea of applications, we have picked these few applications those gonna surely boost your interest in your phone. These apps help to use Xiaomi Redmi 4a in more efficient, beautiful way, and even they help to improve productivity extensively. Let’s jump onto our list of the best applications for Redmi 4a.

Best Applications for Xiaomi Redmi 4A

1# ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote Notepad Notes

Colornote is a fun and simple application you can use to edit your notepad. With this application, you can perform various editing operations on notes, memos, to-do list, messages etc. This app helps us with some simple tasks, but in highly intuitive and manageable manner.

You can create a colorful to-do list in checklist mode, and can add as many items as possible. Using this app, you can arrange elements of your lists as per their priority using drag and drop option.

And using its text mode, you can edit your documents, create memos and can add any number of characters using this app.

Once saved, you can set reminders on that copy as well. The title of edited list or file will be displayed on the Main Menu.

2# Energy Bar

Energy Bar

Energy is kind of app that sits in the background and monitor the most important operation, that is, battery consumption or status of battery on your phone. Energy bar keeps track of current battery usage on your phone and update status on your Home Screen once there is any change in Battery level.

Once plugged-in for charging, it will also show you the amount of battery charged since last plugged-in. You can choose display option to be either monochromatic or colorful. And can choose any color of your choice and assign it to your favorite configuration.

It literally consumes 0% of your CPU and other essential elements on your phone. It doesn’t put any load on the CPU and goes to sleep whenever not in use, and goes to deep sleep when you lock your phone. We recommend this app to all Xiaomi Redmi 4A users.

3# Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is a simply perfect launcher for your Smartphone. It’s based on Intelligent systems, that learns and understand the procedure various apps on your phone follows. This makes your home much more intuitive and the updated navigation system. It guides to the required app once you search regarding task you need to perform.

This launcher is much faster and helps you perform various tasks with an ease. It works better with our smartphone with its Intelligent User Interface and offers brilliant home screen management. This app also provides with a unique set of folder designs, that will be compatible with your phone’s grid.

With this application, you get to Back-up your phone’s Home Screen and can restore it on any other device. If you’ve got bored with Xiaomi official looks, go ahead for this application on your Xiaomi Redmi 4A.

4# Clean My Android

Clean My Android

Clean My Android is a light-eight app manager and phone cleaner for your phone. This app helps you with better functioning of your phone and its associated apps. It frees up your phone’s memory and keep track of resource consumption by various apps on your phone.

This makes sure that your resource like memory, battery, etc. Gets consumed systematically.

It has a simple User Interface which is easy to use. It helps you with adding the frequently used apps on your white-list that will ensure prioritize allotment of your phone’s resources. It also makes sure that your phone’s memory is always free from any unnecessary data stored on your phone.

Waze maps

5# Waze

Most of us use Google maps to locate any location and route details suitable at the time of search, but here, we are going to share some information about an alternative, Waze. Waze is a community-based navigation app you can use.

Here, the navigation details and maps gets uploaded by your fellow driver who are also using this app. This is a refreshed approach, and you can also help your fellow community members by doing your part.

For that, you just need to keep Waze open, and only by doing so, you are already adding a contribution from your end. With this app, you can have real-time traffic and navigation or route details along with cheapest gas station en-route. And the best part is, you can share your route details and arrival time with your friends.

6# PicsArt Photo Studio and Collage


PicsArt is one of the best photo editing and collage maker we have. This offers us with tons of photo editing features, and along with this latest feature of AI-powered magic effects, you can convert your simple images into art.

PicsArt also provides you with free stickers, that could have been updated with your friends. You can make a pretty amazing collage together with these stickers.

And even if you don’t find any suitable sticker of your choice, then you can create your very own sticker. All these features make this app a very powerful and useful for that fun moment in our life.

Using this app, you can share your photos, collages or memes on Instagram, Facebook and many more social networking accounts of yours. You also get to add texts using numerous fonts and text effects. It’s a neat, fun, and interesting app you can try as it’s a little different from other photo editing apps available in the market.

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7# FBReader

FBReader Favorit Book Reader

FBReader is an ebook reader and it supports almost every ebook format like kindle, doc, html and many more. You can synchronize FBReader with your library, you have access to your purchased or saved books. You can also download and read your books stored on your Google Drive.

It provides us with a set of fonts and background colors according to your preference and convenience. You can also search for any nearby bookstore or website on which you can find your required booking. You can also read ebooks stored on your phone or SD card using FBReader.

This app supports over 34 languages, including English, French, Chinese etc.

PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android

8# PPSSPP Emulator

If you’ve been using an Android smartphone for last few years, probably, you would know about this emulator. The PPSSPP Emulator is a most complete emulator able to run most PSP games on an Android phone. Top games such as God of War, Dragon Ball Z, Tekkon, etc., can be easily played on Android phone using this emulator.

With just few settings, and good hardware specs, it becomes easy to run most of the games. To help our readers, we have already posted a few posts about this Emulator. Here they are:

9# Telecine

When it comes to capturing the screen, we always recommend to use Telecine. Its simple user-interface helps to record an Android screen within a single tap. The application comes with several options for configuration purpose. However, due to Android inability to record audio, this app will not capture internal audio. Though the same can be done with the external – speaker.

It records audio that comes out of the external speaker. If you’re looking for such app that records screen on Xiaomi Redmi 4A, this app should be enough for you.

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10# Truecaller

Truecaller - Caller ID & Block (1)

Truecaller is one of must have apps for Android phone users. Using this application, it becomes easy to know the caller identity whilst they call us. If available, it also lets you see their profile picture, and address. That’s not enough about this application.

Truecaller also work as call companion. It helps to block/reject unwanted calls such as promotional calls, unwanted friends, and other people. We recommend this application for all Xiaomi Redmi 4A, and other smartphone users.

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That should be enough. We hope that these apps should help to use the Xiaomi Redmi 4A in better, convenient, and efficient manner. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this list, and share your favorite apps for this pretty cool smartphone, Xiaomi Redmi 4A.

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