7 Best Android Shooter Games In 2021

Many consider shooters to be the best games for any platform. They are dynamic, addictive, require the player to concentrate constantly and allow you to blow off steam. That’s why they are really good if you don’t take them too seriously, understanding that it’s just a game. The first representatives of the genre appeared in the world a long time ago. At the time, graphics were out of the question, but Doom and Wolfenstein were played to the hilt. In this list, we gather some of the best Android shooter /shooting games with good graphics, high action, and full fun!

Since then, much has changed, and now you do not have to “kill” the monsters controlled by a simple computer algorithm, and the characters behind them are the real players. That is the basis of many modern shooters, especially in the genre of Battle Royale. Here are examples of just a few of them that can be considered the best.

1. Doom and Doom 2 – classic shooters

To not remember these games would be a great disrespect to the series and a complete folly, as they are still quite good. Especially since the Android ports are really quite good. Bethesda has fixed a lot of early problems and tweaked the touchscreen controls. However, using a controller is still preferable.

Doom is almost 30 years old, but it has stood the test of time. Like other ’90s classics, Doom and Doom II were real passionate projects that transcended technological possibilities at the time. While it may be possible to find more technical games today, Doom is still a pleasure to play – it retains its charm, character and almost flawless gameplay.

And the game now supports a 16:9 screen resolution and 90-120fps refresh rate. This game will appeal both to fans of nostalgia and those who want to see how the game was played back then, but don’t want to get too disconnected from modern times.

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2. Infinity Ops – sci-fi shooter

Infinity Ops is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter that is very well made. Many people are willing to play it for hours and not feel a hint that it might bore them.

That’s already enough to recommend it to almost everyone without exception. It has classes to choose from, weapons to earn and/or buy, and even maps with different levels of gravity to finally break your brain. You can even team up in clans if that’s something you’re familiar with from other games.

Infinity Ops is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases. But you can generally do without them if you don’t want to buy weapons and equipment. So Infinity Ops is a great game if you want to kill some time.

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3. JYDGE – tough shooter

JYDGE is a brutal and violent shooter that is enjoyable to play. You are a cybernetic policeman, who has to do justice in the style of the famous Robocop of his time.

Each level presents you with different challenges to progress. Along the way, you’ll have to act by confiscating illegal money. This way you can improve your character and his weapons. You will even be able to go through the levels all over again with new combinations of improvements.

In addition, the game offers a great combination of gameplay with a good soundtrack that is not annoying, repetitive or boring. It’s a rarity these days.

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4. Tesla vs. Lovecraft – Tesla shooter

Tesla vs. Lovecraft is the latest game from Finnish developers 10tons Ltd. In it, Nikola Tesla and his high-tech inventions battle the vengeful Lovecraft behind a stream of nightmarish monsters that will quickly surround you unless you fight back.

It’s an incredibly polished game, with the controls working just right. The difficulty of the campaign gradually increases, with over 200 enemies appearing on the screen at once if you don’t have time to shoot.

Not only will you have to defeat monsters, but you’ll need to gain experience so that it’s easier to defeat more and more monsters on new levels. You can also collect bonuses or superweapons.

Touch screen controls seem handy, but the game also offers Bluetooth support, which is always nice to see in a premium game. There’s plenty of content in the game, but when you get through it all, its features will give you something else to try in a short amount of time.

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5. PUBG Mobile – PUBG for Android

What started out as a massive 100-player Battle Royale game continues to grow and evolve into the best mobile shooter of all time. Huge maps filled with weapons, ammo, tactical gear and vehicles in classic Battle Royale modes are everything you need from a game like this. You’ll play alone or as part of a team and must use all your best skills to defeat your opponents until you’re the last survivor.

The game originally came from the PC and it’s probably the best example of what this kind of porting should look like – PUBG on a smartphone is really good. It’s also free and available to many players.

If your smartphone hardware allows it, turn the graphics to the max and you’ll have a real treat. But overall, PUBG Mobile is not that demanding that you should have to worry about it not working on your phone. Even on older and budget devices it works give or take well. And if it doesn’t, there’s PUBG Lite, which is less demanding on RAM and other device parameters.

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6. Fortnite and 7. Call Of Duty

There are also two other great games for Android in the shooter genre. They don’t need any introduction at all. These are Fortnite and Call Of Duty. There is no need to talk about them in detail, as they are two of the most popular and iconic representatives of the Battle Royale genre.

Both offer great gameplay and the main difference is in the presentation. Fortnite is almost nothing like real life, while Call Of Duty, on the contrary, relies on realism. Admittedly, despite all my love of “stake”, lately it feels as if its writers have become hostage to their own approach. Many of the updates seem sucked out of thin air and often spoil the game by overcomplicating gameplay rather than improving it.

Still, these two games offer a lot and are worthy of being included in the selection of the best shooters we’ve talked about today.

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That’s the end of this list, and of course, there are plenty more best Android shooters available on the Google Play store. If you something in your mind or want to share your favourite one, drop your comments below!

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