Best Ways To Use Old Smartphone

Gone are the days when smartphones were a rare commodity. These days not only does almost everyone has a smartphone, they often have a spare lying in a remote corner of a old almirah. The resale value of old smartphones is seriously low and more than often users don’t see much benefit in selling an old mobile. Even as a gift, it is considered very tacky to gift a used smartphone. Here we are listing some of the best ways to use a old smarphone

As FM Radio

Pull out that old earphones from your study drawer, get a charger and there you have – a perfectly usable FM Radio set. Make this setup for your mother to listen while working jb the kitchen. Tune in to her favorite radio station- wether she is fond of classic old songs or the latest pop numbers, you will find FM radio dedicated to every genre. The best part is smartphones had mastered the art of good FM App long back. So she will hardly have any trouble operating it. As a food enthusiast, cooking while your favorite number is playing is a bliss.

As Music Player

Buy a memory card with decent memory and load it with your favorite songs. Now keep this handy when you travel. You will save a lot of memory by dedicating the task of ppayibr music to your other phone. You can also keep this phone connected to internet and keep your online playlist in sync. Also you can use a 3.5 mm connector and play music in your car. You can also enhance your experience get a really nice earphone.

As Storage Device

Keep you documents, Photos, Music safe and handy by keeping a copy in your old smartphone. This can be done easily using cloud services like Dropbox or Google drive. Similarly there are apps to keep your music in sync and Google photos to keep you photos always backed up and accessible. You will never be away from your files if your phones is switched off.

As Walkie Talkie

Charlie..charlie, charlie..coming charlie..over..over and out. The classic old walkie talkie. You can install some such fun apps and use these apps to communicate from one room of your house to other or keep it as a landline device to connect your office and home. There are multiple such apps available on the app store that can keep two devices connected if they are online without requiring any SIM.

As Reading Device

It is often advised to not use the mobile while it is charging. So what do you do when smartphones is put to charging? You take out your old smartphone and use that for reading articles, or even check Facebook and Twitter. Install pocket and save articles offline for reading in that and you can read anytime anywhere.

Your unused smartphone is a “smart” device left useless. And we all know that we should care about “smart”. With all the uses listed above we hope to see less smartphones in the drawers. You can thank me later :)

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