Betting on Fantasy Sports in 1Win India

Legal bookmaker 1Win offers betting on sporting events, online casino and other entertainment for gambling enthusiasts. Connoisseurs and fans from India sports can try for themselves tournaments with real people. This is not a new but very popular feature at the 1Win official site called Fantasy Sport. Today in this article we will tell you what fantasy sport is, what sports it has, how to take part and win real money.

How to understand what Fantasy Sport in 1Win is?

It is a unique and lucrative real-time 1Win competition with other sports fans. In tournament mode, participants create their fantasy team in any of the featured sports disciplines and recruit players for it. All teams have their own value in points, the better a player’s skills are, the higher the bettor’s chances of winning.

  • A bettor’s task in India is to build a team for a specified amount of points, where the bettor will receive points after the games of teams played in real time, for example, in a football championship. Scores for the 1Win players participating in the match are calculated according to a special table. 

As more useful actions for the team made a player in a real match, the more potential points the 1Win fantasy client will receive in its own standings. On a weekly basis, Indian users can make substitutions, trying to guess which rookie will perform better in the next match.

Principles 1Win Fantasy sports games online

There are certain principles and features in the game of Fantasy, these are the basics that need to be learned before the match starts. With them you will understand how the game happens and what awaits you in the end. Here is what you need to understand about 1Win Fantasy betting:

  • you choose a sport and a tournament that takes place in real time;
  • forming a team, the points are used to form the team lineup;
  • bettor selects a captain and players for that week’s matches;
  • real-life players perform in the match, receiving fantasy points for goals, assists and other statistical indicators;
  • after the week or round is over, the total number of points is calculated;
  • leaderboards are formed after the calculation, users can make substitutions for the next matches/tours;
  • winners of standings and tournaments receive cash prizes on the 1win website.

More about the rules, the scoring system and other features of fantasy, the customers of the office can learn more about the rules, the scoring system and other features of fantasy on a separate page of the 1Win platform. That section is available both on the official website and in the free app. 

Fantasy fans can also be played from your phone – just download the 1Win app for Android and iOS smartphones. Take advantage of all the privileges from 1win and get the opportunity to earn on any games.

What sports are included in the Fantasy section of 1Win?

Reliable and legal bookmaker 1Win offers fantasy soccer, basketball, racing and a number of other real money contests. These exciting events will surprise you and give you additional betting skills. Here is the list of Fantasy sports tournaments that is currently available on the 1Win site:

  • World Cup and other major tournaments;
  • Champions League, Europa League and Conference League;
  • England Football leagues: APL and the Championship;
  • English Football Cups: FA Cup and League Cup;
  • Football tournaments: Ligue 1 (France), La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy);
  • American leagues: NHL (hockey);
  • American NBA (basketball);
  • Basketball Euroleague;
  • NFL (American football);
  • Formula1.

The full list of active tournaments in which you can run Fantasy Sports for money is available on the 1Win Competitions page. If you are an authorized user, log into the Fantasy section from your account and you will see which tournaments will be running today. 

How to make money on Fantasy Sports at 1Win?

The system of earning is quite simple: bettors from India go to the 1Win website and register, fund their account, choose a sport, championship and league, make a deposit and start competing. The 1Win website and app features both classic series games and daily fantasy games, where results are updated daily.

Serial fantasy tournaments

This is a classic fantasy format designed for the long term. A team of a certain number of players is assembled, where each species has its own numbers and parameters. Performance points are awarded every week, indie 1Win customers can make substitutions and take players for prospects.

Fantasy tournament series rules of play:

  • there are limits on the number of players from one club (usually no more than 3);
  • points are counted per week, summarized at the end of the season;
  • substitutes are awarded points if a base player does not play;
  • a limited number of purchases are given for the whole tournament and week;
  • there are prizes for winning a particular week, they do not affect the total prize pool.

It is important to use substitutions and keep track of team statistics in the tournament.

Daily fantasy on 1Win

This is depositing money on an event today and winning/withdrawing your prize money tomorrow. Extremely exciting temporary Daily tournaments will help you get a bit of excitement when playing for real money. Team is formed according to the same principle as in the serial version, but there are unique and characteristic differences. 

Characteristics of Daily Fantasy:

  • max 5 players in the lineup;
  • no substitutions unless there is a Late Swap feature;
  • a 1-day to one-week duration;
  • update participation at any time;
  • possible to join any tournament in unlimited numbers.

Online Fantasy Sports at the official 1Win betting site is a great way to combine analytical, skillet abilities and excitement.

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