What is live casino gaming?

If you’re familiar with online casino games, there’s no doubt you would’ve heard of the live casino.

With technology advancing at the speed of light, casino games have come a long way since the first sites opened in 1994-1996.

The evolution of games available has led to the development of live casino gaming – which in itself is a technological marvel.

With this in mind, read on to find out exactly what live casino gaming is, and how it works…

Gameplay in real-time

When you log onto your chosen online casino site, you’ll likely see a ‘live casino’ or ‘live dealer games’ option. If you explore this section, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. From classic table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, to new, unique ways to play including gameshow-inspired games and big wheels, there are so many options at the live casino.

Once you’ve chosen which game you’d like to play, simply place your bets as usual. However, instead of digital versions of the games you’re used to online, you’ll find a real-life, professionally trained dealer hosting the game from a specialist studio.

Gameplay will commence as usual, providing you with an authentic casino experience on your chosen device, anywhere you have internet access.

Modern-day technology

It might seem like a futuristic concept, but modern-day technology has advanced enough that these games can be live-streamed directly to your device, in real-time.

Some main components make up the crucial elements of the behind-the-scenes workings of live casino games. These are:

  • Cameras – There are multiple high-definition cameras involved in the streaming of live casino games. One will provide you with a wide-shot view of the gaming table and another up-close, capturing the details.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software – This technology is used to convert different kinds of information, including images and text, both digital and hand-written, into a digital format. Essentially, OCR software captures everything that happens in the studio and transfers it to your screen.
  • Game Control Unit (GCU) – The GCU is used to encode games using a special sensor or scanner. This translates information like dealt cards or numbers on a Roulette wheel into a digital format, which is then relayed into the User Interface (UI). Through this, players can see the outcomes of games with immediate notification.
  • Lighting – OCR software only works within a short range and relies on good lighting to identify information. Many live dealer studios will feature special lighting on their floors.
  • Monitors – Monitors allow the live dealers to keep track of gameplay and the bets placed so they can host the game more effectively. Through this, they can also see and respond to the live chat function.
  • Live chat function – The live chat allows dealers to communicate with players in real-time, helping to create a more authentic casino experience.

Now you know what live casino gaming is and how it works, do you think you’ll be trying your favourite game in real-time online? Or will you be sticking to the digital games?

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