Origin of FNF

The game Friday Night Funkin appeared in October 2020. It was created and presented by one programmer who took part in a small competition. The main rule of participation there was that all developers had to present their creation, which was created in just one weekend. Thus, one of the most popular music games of our time was made in just a few days, and by one person. Of course, now dozens and even hundreds of people are working on the series of games, who are constantly improving the FNF games and adding many new products. But the very fact that the game was developed and released by one person deserves special attention and respect.

What’s happening at FNF

Although simple, there is still a plot in FNF. You could even say that it tells a story of true love. In FNF, the main character is a guy in a cap named Boyfriend. He fell madly in love with a local beauty, but they were not destined to be together. At least, this is the opinion of the girl’s father. To convince him and be close to his beloved, the hero must prove the seriousness of his intentions and demonstrate musical skills. By chance, the girl’s Daddy was a real rock star in the past, and now he is challenging the Boyfriend. The user will have to defeat the antagonist in a rap battle and thereby win the heart of the GF. However, the battles will not end there, because after the first enemy others will appear, including Mommy, Piko, Tankman, Senpai and others. They all need to show who is the real king of musical duels.

Simple controls and challenging to win

Many people fell in love with FNF games precisely because of their simple controls. This is done here using the arrows on the keyboard or using the “WASD” buttons. All that is required of the player is to follow the arrows moving across the screen. At the top there are exactly the same figures, but a little pale and discolored. The user must react in time and press the appropriate buttons when two identical arrows are on a par. At the same time, it is important to monitor your progress by regularly looking at the special strip at the bottom of the screen. You cannot allow the rating scale to turn the color of the enemy, because in this case a defeat will be counted and you will have to start over. In order to win, it is not enough just to score a certain number of points, which are given for correct and timely button presses. You need to hold out until the very end until the track comes to its logical conclusion. Only in this case will it be possible to defeat the enemy and move on to the next stage.

Anyone can play FNF mobile, but only the most dexterous and intelligent users can complete this game. You need to successfully complete all weeks to see the coveted inscription about complete completion and awarding Boyfriend the title of king of rap battles. In FNF, levels are usually called weeks, and each of them has several songs and, accordingly, opponents.

New rivals

After completing FNF completely, we recommend trying to play mods online. They add many new opponents to the game, including popular characters from cartoons, movies, and even other games. For example, here you can fight Shrek or fight several versions of Sonic the Hedgehog. This is just a small part of the antagonists that await you in FNF. Among other things, mods will bring visual and musical changes to the game, completely reworking the graphics, adding remixes of acclaimed tracks and much more.

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