How To Extend the Life of Your Cell Phone

Due to the increasing number of people owning various electronic devices through which people can even play National Casino, the global e-waste problem is expected to grow. It is estimated that there are over 6 billion smartphones in the world. To put this issue in perspective, consider that in more developed countries, people are more likely to upgrade their phones every year.

Although the annual upgrade trend is becoming less popular, most people keep their phones for a maximum 18 months, however regularly aspire to extend the life of their devices.

Here are some tips to do so:

Remove Unneeded Apps and Files

If your phone is acting sluggish, it is time to remove all the unnecessary apps and files to boost its performance that will free up valuable storage space and give it a much-needed boost. Some of the most common reasons why people’s phones slow down are huge sizes of photos and videos and should be easily deleted or moved if they are no longer actual.

Power Down Periodically

We tend to use our phones a lot throughout the day, which can make it hard for us to take time to rest. Shutting down your device will clear the RAM, stop open apps, and plug memory leaks. It’s recommended to do this once a week, and it should stay off for around a minute before powering it back up.

Get a Tempered Glass Screen Protector and a Protective Case

Getting a scratch on your phone’s screen is extremely aggravating, so it is pretty crucial that you get a screen protector that is set out to protect your device. Unfortunately,  it is an incredibly challenging task to find a good one due to the variety of sizes and styles available. Although tempered glass isn’t a popular choice, it can provide some protection, as well.

A protective case should also be considered when  protecting your device from various threats as it covers the sides, back, and corners for maximum protection.

Avoid Software Updates After Two Generations

Most phones are only supported by software updates for two generations. The latest iOS devices are only compatible with older models and 4S and later models. Some devices will allow you to update even if yours is older, but doing so could lead to issues with performance.

It is believed that the reason why older devices are not supported by software updates is because it’s hard to create stable updates that can work on all types of devices. After all, Apple would rather have users buy new devices every couple of years rather than have them constantly update their software.

Pick a Phone Model With a High Repairability Score and Replace the Battery if Needed

Unfortunately, some phones are almost impossible to fix or replace. Some devices are also less prone to issues. These types of phones come with modular components and feature batteries that are easy to replace. Apple states that an iPhone’s battery typically lasts for about 500 full recharge cycles before its performance starts to decline. It’s normal to think about replacing the battery when it gets dirty, but this shouldn’t be considered if the device is in good condition. Some batteries are very difficult to replace, while others are relatively easy to fix. So, always think about getting a device with high repairability.

Resist Pressure That Aims to Make You Upgrade Your Phone

Cell phone companies often encourage customers to upgrade their devices by offering various promotions and payment plans. However, even if you don’t need to get a new phone, it is vital to know how soon it’s required. For instance, AT&T told customers that they had to update their devices every year and a half. It is well-known that other companies also inform their customers how often they need to change their old ones with a new device.

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